About SyncEzy

The story behind your secret weapon.


Our Story

SyncEzy started when our consulting clients approached us trying to find a solution for a pressing API problem, They couldn’t get their largest SAAS applications to work together and they had tried to get this to work with a lot of larger companies, who had all tried and let go because it was too hard.

We were an outsider to the industry and came in looking at the problem from a different set of eyes, using the same tools and processes but with adding some creative problem solving into the mix we were able to achieve what many others had tried and failed. As a result today our customers have a product that saves them time , money and most of all lets them use tools super efficiently.

We believe in delivering value, so none of our plans have long contracts or tie ins, We earn our keep every month by working hard to keep our customers happy.

A Digital Agency

We create online software integration applications that supercharge your existing tools and give you the leverage to truly automate your business. Use technology to work smarter!

Forward Thinking

We have done what others have tried and failed at.  We are able to do this by working closely with our clients to ensure a perfect fit in what we do to what our customers

Problem Solvers

The word on the street is that Sync Ezy products have made people’s live easier and saved tonnes of time and wasted effort. And you don’t have to take our word for it! Check out our reviews.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on being able to support you in a way that the big companies can only dream about, You’ll never be just another number waiting on hold for customer support.

Our Customers

Our Customers are varied, but we specialise in automating businesses in the Trade Services Industries, including:

Electrical Contracting


Fire Protection






Hari Iyer

Hari Iyer

Founder and Director

Hari is a master integrator, while he always loved connecting people, he now connects applications together for a living. With 30+ Deep Integrations under the belt he lives and breathes the web2.0 world of cloud apps. An Engineer by background, a software geek by choice he brings to the table the perfect combination of Software Chops and Business Sense.

He is also an economics buff and an efficiency aficionado ? Hari is located in Melbourne (The most Liveable city in the World – Three Times in a ROW 🙂 Too bad Sydney. 🙂

Amelia Savor

Amelia Savor

Marketing Manager

Amelia is a highly skilled digital marketing professional with extensive experience in the SaaS space.  She was one of Australia’s first Infusionsoft Certified Partners back in 2011, and has worked closely with simPRO for many years, both as an Implementation Consultant and with their Xero integrations.

Based in Brisbane,  Amelia is a mother of two, and an avid dressmaker in her spare time.

Ajit Philkhana

Ajit Philkhana

Support Engineer

Ajit is a left brain strategic thinker and a right brain communicator. He considers himself as a “T-shaped” individual. A “T-shaped” individual is someone who has a lot of broad knowledge layered on top of their primary areas of expertise. His primary areas of expertise include Business Development, Selling and Soft Skills. Dabbles a bit in poker during the weekends.

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