Stop wasting time on timesheets!

Accurate timesheets, no more data entry and transparent labour costs in simPRO with SyncEzy’s fully automated simPRO – TSheets integration.

Simple, User-friendly Timesheets Synced with simPRO Schedules

Manage your team, and your Job costing, with transparency and efficiency.  Save hours, if not days of admin work by tracking time to the minute against all Jobs, Sections and Cost Centres, and feeding that time directly to simPRO, automatically.  GPS Tracking holds your team accountable and ensures every minute is tracked, and charged.

Our Key Features


The 19th century called and they want their paper timesheets back! Get on with the times! #KillPaperTimesheets.


Know where your staff are spending the time, what parts of a job are overrun and delayed beyond budget. It all starts with accurate tracking..


An hour here, a couple of hours there… Time theft happens. Prevent it with Automatic GPS logging and GeoFencing.


Accurate and detailed time keeping, right down to every minute spent on every Job, Section or Cost Centre.

Why TSheets and SyncEzy?


Save admin time re-entering and scheduling employees based on actual hours. Automate scheduling and invoicing.


Make payday a breeze with fully integrated payroll with Xero and Quickbooks, and one click export for MYOB and other systems.  No more chasing timesheets!


Auto Schedule jobs in simPRO based on actual hours worked and approved in TSheets, so all times are accurately reflected against Jobs, Sections and Cost Centres.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our support and have the testimonials from customers to prove it. It is no wonder that most customers have stayed with us for more than 3 years!


We are constantly adding new features and updates to the sync and making the integration deeper and more useful to our clients. We are continously evolving based on what our customers tell us.



Have 100% tracking and proof of what was done, when, by whom and for how long. View every job’s detailed time log history. No more questions, just complete clarity.

Use TSheets App To Schedule Jobs

Use the timesheet submitted in TSheets to automatically schedule jobs in simPRO. You now have a fully functional Timesheet app for scheduling jobs in simPRO.

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simPRO Add-ons Partner

We know the simPRO API inside out. We’ve been a simPRO approved integration partner for 4 years and worked with many happy simPRO users to integrate their job management system with TSheets.

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Run Payroll from Xero

Use the native Xero Tsheets integration to run payroll from Xero while you run the Invoicing from simPRO. Get the best of both worlds & save hours of admin and payroll processing time.

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Our Testimonials

We started using TSheets and SyncEzy after meeting Hari at the simPRO Roadshow.   After talking to Hari, we discovered that there was a way to automate the whole process of tracking time on jobs, while directly integrating the times clocked into simPRO, for time costings, and Xero for payroll. We signed up almost immediately.  I was amazed at the time that this integration saved me, and our Accounts Officer,  when we no longer had to manually enter all of the timesheets into Xero and simPRO – at least a day each week for each of us!

If you’re considering changing your time-tracking processes to include TSheets and SyncEzy, my advice is this:

“Do it now, sooner rather than later. It’s a must have – saves so much time and trouble.” 

Matt Burke

Project Manager, Eastern Services Group

I decided to make the switch to TSheets and SyncEzy because the ease of tracking time against jobs, sections and cost centres, and quickly switching between them, with all the times synced back to simPRO was going to be invaluable to my business.

The transition was smooth, and within a month I could see the improvement in job costings in simPRO, without all the time that was wasted manually achieving this visibility. The field staff were surprised at how easy Tsheets was to use, and were quite happy to receive reminders if they forgot to clock in!

So much time has been saved, and it has given me the peace of mind that I can trust the accuracy of my reporting. Anyone who tracks time against simPRO cost centres, particularly in the construction industry, should look into adding TSheets and SyncEzy to their systems.

Cody Herrington

CEO, Airspect Air Conditioning

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