With 23 integrations under our belt we know APIs inside out and can get you the results that YOU need.  We are approved developers and add on partners for ASANA and for TSheets.  TSheets is the number one rated timesheet tool in the world and ASANA is Project Managment perfected.  Now use both apps together to get the best results.

Track time spent on ASANA Projects in TSheets.

Connect ASANA to TSheets to seamlessly transfer Jobs, Tasks, subtasks into TSheets.

Use the Right tool for the Right JOB

Use simPRO to do the heavy lifting and generate accurate Quotes, Jobs, and use ASANA to manage these through to completion.  Integrate your disjointed systems and save admin processing time and avoid errors with a 100% accurate sync that is fatigue free, repeatable, reliable and  grow your business the right way.

Our Key Features


Never use paper timesheets again, Track time for ASANA projects and the detailed subtasks on TSHEETS.  #KillPaperTimesheets


Automate your Project / Tasks and Subtask Creation. Get Detailed Projects automatically created in TSheets so time can be tracked to the finest detail. The devil is in the detail !


Create projects in TSheets automatically and have them archived when projects are closed in ASANA.


Accurate and detailed time keeping. Down to minutes spent on every Job / Section / TASK / Subtask

Why Asana TSheets and SyncEzy?


Save admin time re-entering project and task info into TSheets. Transfer Projects automatically to TSheets


Track time in details within projects with a full transfer of ASANA Projects / sections / Tasks and Subtasks.


Schedule employees to do ASANA Projects in TSheets.  Use it as one integrated system.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our support and have the testimonials from customers to prove it, it is no wonder that most customers have stayed with us for more than 3 years.


We are constantly adding new features and updates to the sync and making the integration deeper and more useful to our clients.

Continously evolving.



Have 100% tracking and proof of what was done, when , by whom and for how long. View every projects detailed time log history.

Use TSheets to schedule Asana Tasks

Asana projects come through automatically to TSheets with every little detail, including the Projects / Sections / Tasks / Subtasks. Manage your field team in TSheets while creating tasks and actions in ASANA.

You can then track your team’s time by detailed task and get advanced project time reporting in TSheets.

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Seamless Payroll Integration

Integrate tracked time into QBO / XERO /MYOB  Reckon and more.  Use the native Tsheets Payroll integration to run payroll from your accounting app. Extract project timesheet reports to see and analyse the time spent on various tasks.

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TSheets Addons Partner

We know the TSheets API inside out, We’ve developed integrations for TSheets before and there’s more to come for this integration. Watch this space.

TSheets Partner Listings

We’ve built lots of integrations

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