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Do you need a Custom PropertyMe Integration?

If it’s an API Integration with PropertyMe you are after, chances are we’ve done something similar before.
Reach out to see how we can apply our knowledge to simplify and automate your processes. If your application has a published API, chances are we can make it do what we need.

Need a custom PropertyMe integration ?

What can be integrated with PropertyMe?

The possibilities are truly endless when considering what kind of integration you could have with Procore. Here are a few ideas:

Project Management

With PropertyMe & Project Management working together, eliminate data entry mistakes and re-entering data, this integration can sync data from multiple PropertyMe accounts.

Email Marketing

With Procore & Cloud storage working together, you can create new ways to collaborate with external teams, speciality contractors without them having to use the same software as you.

Data Visualisation

With Procore & Timesheet Management software working together, you can ensure that your workforces time sheet is synced to your  projects.

Automatically sync your PropertyMe Property & Contact Database with your Fieldmagic database.

Connect PropertyMe to Fieldmagic to enable an automatic sync of Properties and Contacts using the SyncEzy PropertyMe to Fieldmagic integration.

PropertyMe is cloud property management software for property managers. To eliminate data entry mistakes and re-entering data, this integration can sync data from a multiple PropertyMe account to single Fieldmagic account.

Ideally suited for Fire protection companies, Plumbers, A/C technicians and other trade services companies contracted by Real Estate agents and Property Managers to provide trade services, inspections, smoke alarm testing, emergency maintenance, breakdown etc.

Win more work by connecting your simPRO work management software with property management software that real estate agents use, PropertyMe.

We make it easy for you to nurture Property Management Software leads in your Project Management software with PropertyMe and simPRO working together. If you’re looking to track Property Management Software leads, create detailed reports on Project Management data and track project data, our sync between PropertyMe and simPRO will make this easy.

"Not needing to manually enter all the data was a game-changer for our
business. The simplicity of the solution was also a big win.

– Nick | Safest


We have deep understanding of the property management workflows and the PropertyME system. We are a premium PropertyMe Partner and our integrations listed on the PropertyME integrations page.

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