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Here’s how you can Efficiently segmenting your simPRO Database, Take a big glass of coffee on a slow day and let’s get this one time exercise done to make your marketing heaps simpler forever.

If your one source of truth in simPRO is segmented and correctly organized and segmented it’ll make things life so much easier in your marketing engine / CRM.

1 ) Go to Customers



2) See ALL Customers


3) Modify Table View to add more fields.


4) Turn on Customer Group / Customer Profile

5) Now you’ll be able to see in the main view with your entire customer list and see if the customer group is blank or filled.


6) As you go into every customer’s profile and update the customer group and customer profile, it may be a good time to also cleanup the names and ensure that the names are in the correct case.

While you are going into all these customers one by one, it might be an idea to get some other things cleaned up too.

Other fields to Cleanup:

A) First Name / Last Name

Tips: Correct spelling, in correct case and without any “Additional non name characters”

For example Don’t do TIM COOK or TIM COOK-VIP or “TIM COOK” All entered in the first name field.

First Name: to NOT BE IN ALL CAPS, Just as you wouldn’t like being screamed customer’s probably don’t appreciate their name in ALL CAPS in all merge fields.

So AVOID ALL CAPS: Replace TIM COOK with “Tim Cook” so when we use the first name as the mergefield in the emails it doesn’t come across as screaming.

B) Mobile Number

Is it in the correct format ? consistent across all customers.

So for example 04XXXXXXX or +61 412445781. Keep the same across all contacts.

C) Email address

Is the email in the correct format ? No spaces / dummy addresses etc ?


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