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We are excited to announce that our simPRO TSheets integration can now automatically round off times to 15 minute intervals in simPRO while keeping them at one minute intervals in TSheets & your payroll system(Xero, MYOB, Quick Books).

What this means is simPRO schedule can continue in 15 minute timeslots and TSheets (& your connected Payroll program can run in one minute blocks).  This would be very helpful to organisations with strict EBAs and others with rules around 7.6 hours (7 hours and 36 minutes) in a normal day’s of work.

Here’s some examples of how the rounding would work. Based on the time entries in TSheets, simPRO will be automatically be rounded to the nearest 15 minute blocks as follows. Some time is gained and some is lost, it will balance itself to the nearest every time.

Rostered Day Off (Break to be added in TSheets)

If your company provides RDO’s (Rostered Day Off) for staff this functionality now allows you to take off the first 24 minutes in every day towards RDO and accrue it seperately as a leave type in TSheets(PTO).  The instructions to do this are different based on how you do your payroll, but in TSheets you’d create a break with the following Break settings in TSheets:


 If you track contractors through TSheets, take care to ensure that this break is applied only to the “Employees” and not to “Contractors”. Also ensure that the Break Shortcode if entered is of four characters or longer.

Uninstall the Timesheet Rounding addon

If the 15 minute rounding was Automatically enabled on your TSheets account. To make use of one minute time tracking in TSheets turn off the automatic rounding addon. 

Go to “Manage Addons” in the main menu, Browse through the list of addons and

“Uninstall” the “Timesheet Rounding Addon”


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