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Procore SharePoint Tour

Let’s walk you through the setup, configuration and use-case of our Procore SharePoint integration

No more confusion of where Jobs are stored!

Procore now works better with all the Office 365 Apps, This is a single integration that connects Procore to SharePoint / OneDrive / Microsoft Teams and your local windows explorer

Centralised data storage

Make Sharepoint your hub for all org. data. Same Procore data available in Sharepoint. Plus use your SharePoint storage as a part of your Office 365 subscription

Organised data

Makes it easier to extract your data out of Procore. Each job gets a folder (if it has an attachment).

Mimic File structures

Follows the same structure as you have in Procore (recreate the same folder structure in SharePoint)

Quicker Searches

Makes all of your attachments, photos, drawings and plans searchable (currently Documents & Photos are synced. Syncing of RFIs, drawings and specifications will be available shortly)

Shareable data

Share data with your team and with those who are not Procore users

Customise your Sync rules

Make it easier to access the data on multiple computers: offline/ online and exclude / include jobs you don’t need from the sync, to manage storage capacity

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