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simPRO to TSheets integration

We spoke to Trish Thorogood from Peak Plumbing about her use of the simPRO to TSheets integration and how it has helped her company, founded by Joel Thorogood.

  • What were your processes before using the simPRO to TSheets integration?

    – Shortly after the implementation of SimPRO we commenced using SimPRO mobile with the scheduling component of the program [but this] did not have the functionality required for our needs.



  • What made you want to change?

    – The admin hours required to check and double check things, as well as fielding calls from staff on site for troubleshooting, was an enormous burden to our business…

  • How have you found working with SyncEzy?


  • What were the big wins when you were using the integration?

    -Data integrity. Not 100% but certainly way better than previously.

  • Lastly, if you were describing the integration and its value when chatting to a friend, how would you describe it?

    – From a business and end user (staff) perspective it is a no brainer. Daily business process are very important to the running of simPRO/TSheets/SyncEzy. Once these are worked out and followed diligently, it is smooth sailing. The best bit is that support is always available, even sometimes late at night so don’t be afraid to use it…


Joel Thorogood 

…It is smooth Sailing

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