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Marlon Kawilarang
System Analyst
JAMA Group

A SyncEzy simPRO – TSheets Success Story

JAMA Group provides IT Security and Service Solutions in Australia’s Health and Age Care industries. They have around 15 technicians on installation project work, including security devices, cable, Nurse Call systems.

JAMA Group use simPRO to manage their project work and were previously using another time tracking system that did not integrate with simPRO. They grew tiresome of the double-handling and subsequent inefficiency, so began to research alternatives.

They found SyncEzy and TSheets, a timesheet solution with an easy sync to and from simPRO, that provided them with a more reliable application that was also user friendly.

The transition was very easy, from the field staff to the office team, and Marlon, Systems Analyst at JAMA Group, said:

“TSheets saves us lot of time! Before we needed a lot of manual input from one system to another. Great system, you will see the benefits right away!”  Marlon Kawilarang, System Analyst

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