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Qmax Pumping

Hari has been a great support throughout the entire process and was able to make any changes we requested. I would highly recommend the services SyncEzy provide, especially the Salesforce – simPRO Integration.

Daniel Churchman

Sales Representative, QMAX PUMPING

simPRO Salesforce QMAX testimonial

simPRO – Salesforce integration

QMAX Pumping are a family owned and operated business that has been running for over 40 years, offering complete pump solutions, in a range of materials, and supplying filtration, hot water circulation, rainwater harvesting, stormwater, greywater, trade waste, sewer and pumping supplies and packages.

After searching for countless months for a full ERP system for our company, QMAX discovered that SyncEzy could integrate a CRM system with simPRO, their preferred job management software.   The QMAX preference for CRM was Salesforce, and although this was an integration that had not yet been built, Hari was up to the challenge.

After liaising with Salesforce experts and discussing QMAX’s requirements for data movement, Hari set to work with the SyncEzy Development and Testing team to build and perfect the integration.

Now, QMAX can track all their leads and accounts with actual quotes and up-to-date account management, between the two systems, without any extra manual entry.

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