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JD Security

Working with Hari over the last 6 to 8 weeks in setting up workflows, triggers and automations, the results are truly quite mind-blowing.  It’s incredible the level of efficiency that Hari is showing us that we can achieve.

Paul Crawford

Director, Jd Security

JD Security is a security system integrator and alarm monitoring company, founded 34 years ago in Sydney.

With offices now in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, JD Security work with access control, video surveillance systems and security systems, and they use simPRO to manage their operations.

Paul Crawford, the owner of JD Security, was desperate for a CRM to manage Sales, leading up to and following up on simPRO Quoting.  He tried Salesforce, but found it difficult to use and costly, so he started looking for alternatives, preferably something that could integrate with simPRO.  He came across Zoho CRM and found that SyncEzy integrated it with simPRO so he got in touch with Hari.

Their transition was fast and seamless, and Paul can now easily see where quotes are at, who he’s selling to and what his next steps are.

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