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PropertyMe to PowerBI

looking to create property data reports, view & collaborate on business strategy and understand property data through visual analytics? our sync between PropertyMe and PowerBI will make this easy.

What does this integration do?

  • Extract, transform and load data
  • Choose your own data warehouse
  • Automatically refresh PropertyMe data
  • Back-up your PropertyMe data for audit and tracking
  • Integrate PropertyMe data in Power Bi with other systems

How to set this up?

We’ve highly simplified our PropertyMe to Power BI integration into just 4 steps! To learn how, check out the adjacent video

Create Reports within PowerBI

Sync PropertyMe data to PowerBI and create template based reports.

Connect PropertyMe data to any Data Visualisation app

Choose your own data visualisation app incuding, but not limited to PowerBi, Tableau, SplashBI, Klipfolio, Zoho Analytics, Google data Studio.

Auto Refresh PropertyMe Data

You no longer need to manually download PropertyMe data and upload it into your Data Viz. app, this integration ensures that your Data Viz. app always has the latest PropertyMe data

Extract PropertyMe data intro related SQL tables

Build your own reports and dashboards, with custom queries, and logic that matters to you.

"Flawless, simple to use, easy to set up.
A great return in terms of new business.

– LandLord Compliance |  NSW | A PropertyMe Integration user

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