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Timesheets Dashboard

 Sample Dashboard from PowerBI based on QBTime Data.

Think of your QuickBooks Time ( formerly Tsheets) reports, now think of never having to edit  your reports or to setup the filters ever again.

Sample Report Screenshot from TSheets

Extract your QuickBooks Time data into related SQL tables to build your own Reports / Dashboards

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TSheets PowerBI Integration (2)

Power up your QuickBooks Time Analytics with the QBTime Power BI integration. Now you can:

  • Have your QBTime data automatically refreshed in any analytics app
  • Extract, transform and load your QBTime data into your organisations Data repository
  • Choose your own data warehouse or Analytics package
  • Backup your QBTime job data and timesheets for auditing and tracking purposes
TSheets Jobs Geocoded on Map

Sample of QBTime Job data GeoCoded in PowerBI


QBTime has a database of information that stores all your company timesheets data. We extract it and make it available to you outside in SQL so you can connect to it from any app you like.

The steps to syncing QBTime to Power BI are:

  • Creating your SyncEzy account.
  • Subscribing to the QBTime PowerBI integration
  • Authenticate with QBTime
  • Wait for 24 hours for our system to complete the initial data fetch.
  • After this the system will auto refresh every 2 hours.
  • You can manually sync your data from the integrations portal.
  • Connect from your Analytics app to SyncEzy with given instructions.
  • You are now ready to build and publish reports through dashboards or other channels

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