simPRO Pronto integration

As an application simPRO Scales quite well in all sizes of organizations, we have customers with 10 employees all the way upto 400 employees, however as you go towards the larger end of this scale there are often some custom requirements where they may need simpro to work with non standard integrations.

We recently worked on a project for a large enterprise where we were working for a small division of of a much larger company using different applications that are most suited for large Enterprises.  At the higher end of the scale you come across companies using apps like JobPac and Pronto

While these enterprise apps are great in their own right, they don’t work very well to smaller companies.  The larger division in this case was using applications that allow you to manage and control multimillion-dollar construction projects where as the smaller service division was focused on after sales service on the projects the larger team delivered.  Inspite of being a part of a larger company they acted like a company of their own inside a much larger organization.


Custom Accounting / Invoicing integrations

This may be where the service is managed out of simPRO but Invoicing and reconciliation is done out of the primary system.

simPRO Stock Management integrations

This may be where the service is managed out of simPRO but stock and inventory is managed from a different system.

We have a lot of expertise in cases like these where simPRO may not be the final source of truth as the company is using a higher level master system.  We were able to integrate simPRO and generate custom reports to automatically sync data out of simPRO and into the larger ERP system.

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