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simPRO Xero Tour

Let’s walk you through the setup, configuration and use-case of our simPRO Xero integration

No more stress on Payroll Day!

Once the initial setup is complete, it literally takes 2 minutes to do payroll, forget the printing of reports, calculation of overtime, RDOs, Breaks, and leave.

Set it up once, and do your payroll in Xero in 2 mins !!

Do Payroll in Minutes

Setup the rules for your payroll once and have them done automatically and accurately every single time as per your conditions

Save 7-30 Hours every week

Extract information from the simPRO Schedule and automatically push info to Xero after processing it as per your payroll rules.

Eliminate Manual Errors

Manual errors in payroll reduce trust, cause stress and even legal liability. Automate the payroll process to take all these away.

Infinitely Customisable

Create custom rules for overtime, allowances, shift allowances, leave etc.
Let the system run it’s calculations and make any manual overrides if necessary.

Custom OverTtime Rules

Create different profiles for different work roles, apprentices, technicians, staff etc. to apply different overtime, standard time and allowance rules, special conditions.

Accuracy Reliability

Transfer time from simPRO to Xero Payroll accurately and consistently. Track activities, breaks, paid work time and RDOs reliably without data errors

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Set it up once, and do your payroll in Xero in 2 mins !
Don’t trust us ? See the video below.

"“If you manage large projects with a complex workflow and require communication across a large team, ASANA is the best solution for you. It has simple interface, is easy to train and adopt, is cost-effective, with very complex abilities such as custom fields tags and multiple project assignment. Integrated to simPRO with SyncEzy, it is the perfect extension to an already brilliant system.”"

Sam Bevis

Director | Aluminium Balustrades (North Coast)

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