A SyncEzy Time-tracking Success Story!

Airspect Air Conditioning are a turn key A/C and Mechanical Solutions company that has been operating in Brisbane for over 10 years, carrying out all aspects of Residential and Commercial Installation and Service work. A great deal of their work is in Construction projects, and with multiple staff in the field, accurate time tracking against sections and cost centres, with the need to switch between them frequently was becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

We spoke to Cody Herrington, the founder and director of Airspect, who said that simPRO is the best tool he could have for managing his jobs, but that simPRO connect just didn’t enable his staff to switch between jobs, sections and cost centres easily enough. This meant that he simply didn’t have enough visibility into labour costs broken down into each section and cost centre, unless this was tracked manually by the field staff and then entered manually into the simPRO schedules. This, of course, was time consuming and, as a result, was often a process that was skipped.

Cody decided to make the switch to TSheets and SyncEzy because the ease of tracking time against jobs, sections and cost centres, and quickly switching between them, with all the times synced back to simPRO was going to be invaluable to his business.

The transition was smooth, and within a month he could see the improvement in job costings in simPRO, without all the time that was wasted manually achieving this visibility. The field staff were surprised at how easy Tsheets was to use, and were quite happy to receive reminders if they forgot to clock in!

Cody loves the fact that he can approve job labour both and payroll times, and know that these will be accurately reflected across TSheets, simPRO and Xero, all with one button click. When asked what this has given him and his business, his response was:

“So much time has been saved, and it has given me the peace of mind that I can trust the accuracy of my reporting.”

He said that anyone who tracks time against simPRO cost centres, particularly in the construction industry, should look into adding TSheets and SyncEzy to their systems.

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