A SyncEzy Time-tracking Success Story!

Eastern Services are an Electrical Contracting business with twenty technicians out in the field working on a combination of service and project jobs. They are based in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and focus on electrical, data and communications as well as small mechanical works with project value ranges from $ 1 million ­ $ 25 million.

The company were using the powerful job management engine, simPRO, to run their operations, but their labour tracking and payroll processes were less than efficient.

Paper timesheets were the old process

The field staff would complete a paper timesheet at the end of each week, photograph with their phone and text it to Matt, the Project

Manager.  Matt would then go through each timesheet and sign off on the hours before send the timesheets to the Accounts officer to process payroll.

Payroll was done in Xero, after the Accounts Officer manually entered in all the timesheets for all twenty staff.

After Payroll was complete, Matt would then manually add into simPRO all the times for each technician, against each of the jobs that they had worked on that week, so that Job Costings were accurately reflecting labour costs. Each timesheet as a result was handled three or four times if you include scheduling issues as well.

Everything changed for Eastern Services when they attended the simPRO Roadshow and met Hari, the founder of SyncEzy.  After talking to Hari, they discovered that there was a way to automate the whole process of tracking time on jobs, while directly integrating the times clocked into simPRO, for time costings, and Xero for payroll. They signed up to TSheets and the SyncEzy integration with simPRO almost immediately.

After the initial transition stage, which proved to be a little challenging because their field staff weren’t used to clocking in and out of jobs and sections as they arrived and left, Eastern Services found that their field technicians were much more accountable for the time they were reporting.   Since the GPS tracking feature in TSheets showed exactly when the techs were on the job sites, there were no longer times slipping through the cracks as there had been previously.

The biggest wow factor for Eastern Services, however, was the time saved for Matt and for the Accounts Officer when they no longer had to manually enter all of the timesheets into Xero and simPRO, because these were automatically synced from TSheets with the click of a button to Xero Payroll and to the simPRO job schedules.  Matt estimates that this has saved both him and his Accounts Officer at least a day each week, that they can now spend on tasks that bring the business money.

We asked Matt what he would say to another simPRO user who was considering changing their time tracking processes to include TSheets and the SyncEzy integration, and his response was:

“Do it now, sooner rather than later. It’s a must have – saves so much time and trouble.” 

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Listen to the entire interview and hear Matt’s feedback in his own words here.

“Do it now, sooner rather than later. It’s a must have – saves so much time and trouble.” 

Matt Burke

Project Manager, Eastern Services Group