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Supercharge simPRO Project
Management with Asana

Sync simPRO Jobs to Asana Projects

Asana is the easiest system in the world to manage projects. Automatically create Projects in Asana based on your simPRO Jobs, with Tasks and Subtasks based on the Sections and Cost Centres. Keep everyone in the team on the same page about what’s done and what’s not done, setup dependencies and further actions. Automatically archive projects in Asana when jobs are completed in simPRO.

Find out just how easy and seamless Project Management can be!

Standard Templates for Every simPRO Job as an Asana Project

Does every project you do have the same set of Tasks / Subtasks to be followed? Of course they all have their unique variables but are there some standard elements to these? If there are, the SyncEzy Standard Template feature will save you SO MUCH TIME!

Create a standard Template of Sections / Tasks and Subtasks as a template in your integration settings. Once set up, whenever a new project is created in Asana it will always follow this set of standard templates and it will create these tasks and subtasks every single time.

For example, magine you are Batman preparing a new movie, considering that every movie has the same trusted formula your ASANA project standard tasks template might look like this.

Create a standard


Standard Template


Asana Project


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