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Communication without
Spreadsheet Exports using
the simPRO to Mailchimp

Contact Sync

Sync your simPRO contacts to Mailchimp with SyncEzy and never mess about with contact exports in CSV files and spreadsheets again!

Contact in simPRO


Contact in Mailchimp



What can you do with this level of Customer/Contact integration?

There are so many possibilities for automation based on the data that comes from simPRO with your customers and contacts! Here are just a few simple ideas to get you started:

  • Nurture your customers based on their Customer Group in simPRO – create content resources for each industry and establish your business as the expert for your field with targeted email campaigns.
  • Use simPRO Customer Tags for specific products or services purchased. Use these tags in Mailchimp to create segmented lists and send targeted email designed to Upsell/Cross-sell and Repeat-Sell and maximise the revenue capability of the customers your already have!

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