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Xero Payroll using  simPRO
hours with NO data entry!

Sync your simPRO labour rates to SyncEzy and set your overtime rules.

The SyncEzy integration portal will fetch all labour rates from simPRO. Intelligent overtime rules that correspond to your simPRO Labour Rates only need to be configured once to make payroll in Xero a breeze.

Create different Rule Sets for different Employee Groups.

Do your Apprentices receive different overtime rates to your technicians? Varying overtime rules that correspond with different employee groups are no problem for the SyncEzy Integration portal – you can create a different rule for each of your simPRO Labour Rates, associated with each employee group.

Map simPRO Employees to Xero Employees ready for Payroll.


When Pay Day rolls around, SyncEzy will easily pull all timesheets from simPRO into the SyncEzy Portal, apply all the Labour Rate and Overtime rules, and from there times can be sent to Xero with the click of a button, or exported to a spreadsheet to be used as required.

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