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Connect with your Customers and
Close More Sales
with simPRO and Zoho CRM

Contact Sync

Sync Customers and Contacts from simPRO to Zoho CRM in their entirety, with every little detail. This includes actionable and categorising details like Tags, Custom Fields, Customer Profile and Customer Group information.

Customer in simPRO


Contact in simPRO


Customer Tags in simPRO


Customer, Contact & Tags in Zoho CRM


What can you do with this level of Customer/Contact integration?

There are so many possibilities for automation based on the data that comes from simPRO with your customers and contacts!  Here are just a few simple ideas to get you started:

  • Nurture your customers based on their Customer Group in simPRO –  create content resources for each industry and establish your business as the expert for your field with targeted email campaigns.
  • Use an online community platform and create membership levels that correspond to your simPRO Customer Profile types, and give your Customers a VIP Portal login with access to exclusive resources, and special deals.
  • Use simPRO Customer Tags for specific products or services purchased.  Use these tags in Zoho to send targeted Upsell/Cross-sell and Repeat-Sell campaigns and maximum the revenue capability of the customers your already have!
  • Use simPRO Custom fields for SLA renewal dates, and create a Workflow in Zoho that emails the customer when they are nearing their contract expiry, and creates a Task for their account manager to follow-up and make sure that renewals happen, and your customers are retained.

Quote Sync

Sync simPRO Quotes with Zoho Deals / Opportunities, including simPRO Salesperson to Zoho Deal Owner mapping, dollar values, Quote description details, tags, custom fields, Quote Creation Date and Quote Expiry Date.

Quote in simPRO


Quote as Zoho CRM Opportunity


What can you do with simPRO Quotes in Zoho?

Live access to your simPRO Quote data within Zoho CRM opens up a whole world of options for automation designed to increase your conversion rates! Just to list a few:

  • Nurture your customers with automated quote follow-up email campaigns designed to close sales.
  • Create Trigger and Action blueprints around the different, customisable stages of your sales cycle that ensure that no phone call is forgotten, and that there are no bottlenecks in your sales funnel – automate tasks for your sales team, call or meeting triggers and more.
  • Use Quote Creation and Expiry Dates to create timed emails to your prospects that create a sense of urgency – “Only 5 days left until your quote expires! Click to accept now and lock in these great prices!”.

simPRO Quotes with Business Intelligence and Insight

Take advantage of the power of Zoho Analytics and get full transparency into your Sales Pipeline and the performance of your Sales Team.

Take Advantage of the Full Suite of Apps in the Zoho CRM Plus Bundle!

Supercharge your business by adding the following apps and features to your Tool Kit, that are included in the Zoho CRM Plus bundle along with Zoho CRM:

Offer Web Chat with Sales IQ

Get powerful chat bot functionality and engage with customers right from every page on your website with a custom chat message. Integrate all the chats back into CRM so everyone an keep tabs on every conversation.


Desk for Ticketing and Support

This is what we use as the helpdesk / ticketing system to manage incoming support inquiries from customers. Ensure every customer issues gets resolved to satisfaction.


Send Automated Email Series with Campaigns

ZOHO Campaigns is your Mailchimp replacement, that allows you to send newsletters and bulk emails to segmented portions of your customer list always in Sync with your CRM


Get It Done with Projects

The hub of internal projects and task management in your business. Use it to manage internal tasks, projects and more.


Experience Business Intelligence with Analytics

Connect different data sources to generate a single data analytics dashboard. Connect CSVs excel or live online databases.


Get Customer Feedback with Survey

Create a survey in minutes. Reach your audience on every device. View results graphically and in real-time.


Get the most from your team with Motivator

Zoho Motivator captures the data from your CRM account to give you real-time insights of your sales activities. Get analytics, create targets & contests and give your team the recognition they deserve.


We’ve been building Zoho integrations for 6 Years and have built many private and public integrations. We are now one of 5 Premium partners in Zoho Australia, the fastest ones to achieve this milestone and have Zoho customers in 4 continents.

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