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PropertyMe to simPRO

PropertyMe is cloud property management software for property managers. To eliminate data entry mistakes and re-entering data, this integration can sync data from multiple PropertyMe accounts to a simPRO account.

PropertyMe simPRO Tour

Let’s walk you through the setup, configuration and use-case of our PropertyMe simPRO Integration


Introdutcion to the PropertyMe to simPRO Integration

We Walk you through what this integration does and how to set it up in this step-by-step video.

Quick Import

Create Sites in simPRO when Properties are added in PropertyMe. Import all or choose sites matching a certain label. Do a one-time import upon initial connection and import thousands of properties at once into simPRO.  Get all details : address, key codes and any fields from PropertyMe over to simPRO..

Data Sync

Contacts such as Tenants and Landlords and their contact details to be synced over from PropertyME to simPRO. Convert PropertyMe Tenants and Landlords into site contacts in simPRO. Always have the right contact details for tenants so every visit is productive and functional. .

Automated updates

Automatically get details updated when tenants change or the tenants contact details change in PropertyMe.

The system automatically syncs data every 30 minutes and brings across latest updates over to simPRO.

"Not needing to manually enter all the data was a game-changer for our
business. The simplicity of the solution was also a big win."

– Nick | Safest Australia | A PropertyMe to FieldMagic Integration User

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