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Pricing. Tailored for you.

Custom Integrations.
Custom Pricing.

Reach out to our friendly sales team, who will ensure that the integration you’re looking for is the right fit for you. 👇

Multiple currencies

We operate in 4 different countries of :  USA, Canada, Australia, UK.
To know the pricing pertaining to your geography, please register on our portal.

Integration based pricing

Each integration is priced based on the quantity of data that is to be synced, the frequency of the sync, and if it’s a 1 way or a 2 way sync.
Pricing is calculated on the amount of cloud computing consumed.

Utility based pricing

Some organizations are just larger than others. To ensure that you don’t pay for more than you use, we also factor in the scale of your business into our pricing structures.

A few Reviews

Still not convinced? Here are a couple of reviews from our esteemed clients!

Not needing to manually enter all the data was a game-changer for our
business. The simplicity of the solution was also a big win.

Nick | Safest Australia

 From a business and end user (staff) perspective it is a no brainer. Daily business process are very important to the running of simPRO/TSheets/SyncEzy. Once these are worked out and followed diligently, it is smooth sailing.

Joel Thorogood | Peak Plumbing

So much time has been saved, and it has given me the peace of mind that I can trust the accuracy of my reporting

Cody Herrington | Airspect Air Conditioning

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