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Custom Integrations. Custom Pricing.

We operate on a custom pricing model to offer you rates that are tailored to your use of the system. Rest assured, we are committed to providing you the best value.

Get in touch with us for tailored integrations and further information around pricing >

Ready To Automate your Business?

Reach out to our friendly sales team, who will ensure that the integration you’re looking for is the right fit for you.

Why don’t you have public pricing ?

Because each integration is sold separately, it’s not a Buffet, it’s a la carte pricing because then you aren’t paying for what you don’t need. Each integration is sold separately in our portal and you can see pricing here


Can I pay a single fee to use all Integrations ?

Most businesses don’t need all our integrations, you pay for what you need and the integrations you’ll use.

What’s your pricing range ?

In general our integrations vary in pricing from 49 $ a month for simple one way integrations to 1000$ a month based on complexity and deep functionality.  We do not charge per webhook or zap as we process millions of webhooks every month.

Do you charge per User

In general no, We charge to integrate the entire account, so we don’t charge by user.  Only exceptions are specific user count based integrations like timesheets or payroll integrations.

Can you invoice me?

Yes, we can charge by Invoice on our annual plans, reach out on the form above.

Do you charge a setup fee ?

Yes / No, Some integrations need custom back end setup or 1:1 training from our implementation staff, others are self service and don’t require a setup fee.

Do you offer a free trial ?

No, but we can organize a personalised demo and make sure there is a good fit for your company.

Is there a Contract or Lock-in ?

No, we don’t do long term contracts or lock ins,  most customers pay month to month and we earn our keep by delivering value every month.

Let us Automate your business!

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