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When we were choosing what marketing tool we would use to manage our large client database, SyncEzy's ability to allow SimPRO and Infusionsoft to communicate was a deciding factor. The two programs work together well, and Hari's support has been invaluable. Infusionsoft is extremely powerful, and made all the more powerful by being linked seamlessly with SimPRO by SyncEzy.

Hari knows both programs inside and out, and has been very helpful to us in the process of setting up Infusionsoft to work for us and achieve our goals. We had some specific requests and Hari did not hesitate to help, being highly flexible and responding to our needs so we can better communicate with our clients. We are very thankful and would definitely recommend SyncEzy.

Lara Vandersluis

Marketing Manager , Glenco Electrical Services

As the owner of a business we did a lot of investigating on what would work for us. Hari was outstanding and very informative. Nothing was too much trouble and I have been very impressed with his service and the way the system works. I would strongly recommend this application to anyone.

Brad Rosen

Founder & Director, Glenco Electrical Services

We were spending so much time duplicating steps to have our data in both simPRO and Infusionsoft that eventually it became too much of an issue. Hari is an expert in both programs and also understands how a company like ours can make best use of the data we hold in simPRO by creating automations within Infusionsoft. His advice, technical knowledge and the speed of implementation have all been spot on. The great news is that Hari and his team at 3D Consulting are constantly monitoring the changes and keeping our Sync live and up to date to take advantage of each new feature as it arrives.

Carl Firmstone

Managing Director, Stator Electrical UK

This is great as we can now finally do some campaigns and automation without all the manual steps.The status of quotes / jobs can be used to trigger automation in Infusionsoft which is great. This has helped to make our process very consistent and reduce the amount of time for our sales staff. There were some initial hurdles but Hari was fantastic to work with and quickly resolved any issues. He extremely helpful as well as knowledgeable in both Simpro and Infusionsoft.

Alex Kurath

Founder , Priority Tree Services