simPRO Mailchimp integration

A bridge that connects simPRO and Mailchimp.

It’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

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Integrate simPRO with Mailchimp.

Continue to focus and run your business on simPRO while we take care of keeping your mailing list up to date. Whether you are running a full ecommerce website, or sending Christmas and festive wishes it’s absolutely important that every single new customer gets all your messages.

You could spend hours every week trying to parse through duplicates, export CSVs, clean up the list, match columns, update and add the new contacts else you could sit back and let us take care of everything automatically. This integration allows you to sit back peacefully with the assurance that every single new contact from simPRO gets added to Mailchimp and when details are updated in simPRO they are always correct in Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is the biggest email marketing system on the face of this planet. With 1.2 Million users who send over a billion emails every day, chances are good that you’ve received lots of mailchimp emails before.  The smiling chimp is a perfect choice for small business owners as it has a very very attractive free plan that allows for up to 2000 subscribers and over 12,000 emails to be sent every month.

No wonder it’s so popular among small and medium business owners. If you own or run a trade business using simPRO, you can’t find a better email marketing system at a better price as its very, very hard to beat FREE.  This is your chance to get the smiling chimp driving the gears of simPRO and get more business in through the door. Speak to us if you have more questions or are confused about choice of perfect CRM for you.

Sync your list.

14 Get every Contact

Get every contact from simPRO pushed to Mailchimp automatically. Get your entire list and start marketing today.

14 No Duplicates

Keep your mailing list trimmed by avoiding any duplicates, each contact in the system appears once and only once.

14 Maximize the Free Tier

Mailchimp payments increase with the number of contacts in the database, don’t pay any more than you have to.

14 DIY or DFY

Permanently link both simPRO and Mailchimp with a onetime setup. Follow our simple DIY setup guide or have it done for you.

14 Save Time

Who has a few spare hours every week to do an excel export, comparison, cleanup  & import ? We can do it better.

14 Done Forever

Setup once and it’s done forever. We take care of keeping the two connected through any api changes on both ends.

Simple pricing.

Starter Plan


< 2000 contacts

One time setup 129$

Business Plan


> 2000 Contacts

One time setup 159$

Enterprise Plan


> 5000 contacts

One time setup 199$

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