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Procore SharePoint Integration


Have your work files at your fingertips with Procore & SharePoint working together

For high-performance teams, the friction in their process comes when they get tired of needing to download Procore documents and images to their phones and then upload into the Microsoft Teams channel or SharePoint site where their team is collaborating. Wouldn’t it be easier if your team could select the files they need to discuss while they’re in the Microsoft Teams app?

SyncEzy – Simplifying Procore Integration

SyncEzy is your ultimate solution to seamlessly integrate Procore with Teams, SharePoint, Windows Explorer, and One Drive. Our powerful integration enables real-time data syncing and improves collaboration across multiple platforms. Simplify your workflow and increase productivity with SyncEzy.

This Case study is about our Procore & Sharepoint Time Integration. To learn more check out the Procore Sharepoint integration page here

A single integration that connects all your Office 365 apps!

Connect all your Microsoft office 365 apps including SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft teams, and your File Explorer with one integration!

Collaborate with Procore over Microsoft Teams

With our latest integration, connecting Procore to Microsoft Teams, construction teams can access Procore Photos and Documents within Microsoft Teams, enabling them to discuss site documentation, audits and images easily.

Backup & Collaborate with Non-Procore users

Connect Procore to enable a two-way sync of your important documents, using the SyncEzy Procore SharePoint integration. Our integration will send job & quote document uploads to SharePoint folders that are named as per your Procore folders. Use this integration as a backup solution, to share information with non-Procore users and to access job files from anywhere.

This integration currently syncs Documents and Photos and is planned to sync RFIs, Drawings & Specifications.

Organise and streamline your documentation

Make it easier to extract your data out of Procore . Each job gets a folder (if it has an attachment).
All of your attachments, photos, drawings and plans searchable (currently Documents & Photos are synced. Syncing of RFIs, drawings and specifications will be available shortly)

Highly customisable and easy to manage

Make it easier to access the data on multiple computers/ offline/ online.)Exclude / include jobs you don’t need from the sync, to manage storage capacity.

Randy Dittman

Graphic Packaging International

This is the best IT service i have experienced.

Thank you for your prompt reply explanation, and a work around this thorny issue.

We are an authorized Procore integrations partner and have been listed on the Procore Marketplace. We have connected Procore to many global products like SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive and more.

We’re an official Microsoft Partner and have been creating Operations integrations for products like SharePoint, Power Bi and more. You may find this integration here, on the Microsoft Marketplace.

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Heath Horn, Senior Project Manager

“We have 20 people that are using SharePoint for file transfer through the integration. I think the important things were that we had a single, synced file to work on and that it was integrated successfully into the File Explorer.”

Sam Cheffi, Owner

“I would say it’s a great replacement and improved solution to what Procore sync offered..”

Colton Chladek, Director of I.T

“We save the equivalent of a full-time position worth of labour in file management alone.”

Joseph Lombardi, Superintendent

“It does everything procore sync did plus more…the platform is more user-friendly and runs smoother than my experiences with other sync tools.

Nick Holt, Senior System Administrator

“Syncezy took care of those problems with the sharepoint sync with procore, and then by Syncing the sharepoint folder to desktops for the office team, they were able to use the
explorer interface to interact with the folder.

Alexander, Senior Project Engineer

“A great compliment to the Procore platform.It makes the information even more accessible and available to everyone and on any device..

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is this integration?

100% bulletproof security with 256 Bit encryption, plus we do not store any client details on our servers.

How do I setup the integration?

1) Register a SyncEzy Account here
2) Find the Procore/ SharePoint integration from the Integration library.
3) Subscribe to the Procore/ SharePoint integration.
4) Authenticate Procore
5) Authenticate SharePoint
6) Complete the configuration steps.

Do you offer support?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our support and have the testimonials from customers to prove it. It is no wonder that most customers have stayed with us for more than 3 years!

What can be synced from SharePoint to Procore?

Currently we can sync three tools from SharePoint to Procore.

  1. The documents tool 
  2. The photo tools
  3. The daily log or the site diary tool.

How can I add a Project to sync to SharePoint?

The Configuration tab is where you will add your projects from Procore and select the location in SharePoint you want to sync it to. We have four methods to configure the projects

1. Classic
2. Auto Sync
3. CSV
4. Folder Sync

What is File Sync for SharePoint?

File Sync for Procore is a different type of integration that doesn’t yet provide the depth of integration or the user experience of more powerful Procore to SharePoint integrations. If you’re looking for a HingePoint alternative or have tried File Sync for SharePoint and need a more powerful, secure integration for your business, get in touch.


Does Procore integrate with SharePoint?

Yes, you can connect Procore to SharePoint to enable the syncing of your documents, photos, daily log and site diary using the most popular Procore integration on the Microsoft AppSource store, the Procore to SharePoint integration.

What is the price of this integration?

Providing fixed pricing on integrations is difficult as different-sized companies have different requirements & support levels (i.e. a 5-person business vs a 500-person, multi-site company). Our team are specialists in tailoring implementation & support packages that make sense for a business of your size. Click the “Chat Now” button on the bottom right of this page to start the conversation.

Why get this integration?

1)Make SharePoint your hub for all org. data. Same Procore data available in SharePoint.
2) Makes it easier to extract your data out of Procore . Each job gets a folder (if it has an attachment).
3)Makes all of your attachments, photos, drawings and plans searchable (currently Documents & Photos are synced. Syncing of RFIs, drawings and specifications will be available shortly)
4) Follows the same structure as you have in Procore (recreate the same folder structure in SharePoint)
5)Makes all of your attachments, photos, drawings and plans searchable (currently Documents are synced. Syncing of RFIs, photos, drawings and specifications will be available shortly)
6)Share data with your team and with those who are not Procore users
7)Make it easier to access the data on multiple computers/ offline/ online
8)Use your SharePoint storage as a backup
9)Exclude / include jobs you don’t need from the sync, to manage storage capacity

How can I access Procore files on my local computer?

SharePoint has an out of the box integration with Microsoft OneDrive. You can sync any SharePoint document library, excluding custom document libraries, to your local computer by adding it to your OneDrive account. This is done by clicking on the sync button within the document library in SharePoint.


What is a common use of the integration?

An example of a typical client would be a general contractor with 100 employees who is looking to have all their field employees (project managers, field clerks, superintendents, project engineers etc) be able to use Office365 to work on files. They might currently be downloading the files from the Procore Documents tool in Procore, working on them and then re-uploading them to Procore. They need a more efficient system where their team doesn’t waste time with downloading/uploading, doesn’t need to worry about file versions and working on files that might get changed when offline.

Is there a Procore to Office365 integration?

Yes, you can connect Procore to Office365 applications like OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint so your team and access and collaborate on files anywhere.

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