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Before implementing SyncEzy’s Procore to SharePoint integration, Shawmut Design and Construction faced several operational challenges:

  • Reliance on Procore Sync: The company used Procore Sync, included with their Procore subscription, for document management. However, Procore announced the discontinuation of Procore Sync in early 2022.
  • Need for a Replacement Solution: The discontinuation prompted Shawmut Design and Construction to seek alternative solutions to maintain seamless document synchronisation.


The primary objectives for Shawmut Design and Construction were to:

  • Find a reliable replacement for Procore Sync.
  • Ensure seamless and secure document and photo synchronisation.
  • Maintain high efficiency and immediate accessibility across platforms like SharePoint and Teams.


Shawmut Design and Construction discovered SyncEzy through an announcement from Procore, which recommended several integrations, including SyncEzy, as alternatives to Procore Sync.


The implementation process included:

  1. Research and Selection: Shawmut Design and Construction evaluated several potential replacements, including SkySync, odrive, and SyncEzy. They chose SyncEzy based on its features and compatibility.
  2. Integration Setup: Configuring the Procore to SharePoint integration to ensure it met the company’s stringent IT security requirements.
  3. Deployment: Rolling out the integration across their systems and training staff to use it effectively.


The integration of Procore to SharePoint via SyncEzy delivered significant benefits for Shawmut Design and Construction:

  • Ease of Setup: The integration was straightforward to set up, allowing for a smooth transition from Procore Sync.
  • Instant Synchronisation: Unlike some competitors that sync only a few times an hour, SyncEzy provided near-instant synchronisation of documents and photos.
  • Enhanced Security: The integration passed the rigorous security standards of Shawmut Design and Construction’s IT department with no issues.
  • Cross-Platform Accessibility: Files were readily available in both Teams and Procore, facilitating seamless access and collaboration across platforms regularly used by the team.

Joseph Lombardi highlighted these advantages, noting, “I like that the files are also available in Teams as well as Procore as we use both platforms regularly.”

Client Testimonial

“The integration has been fantastic in reducing the time spent on basic payroll administrative functions. We no longer have to manually enter leave applications and sensitive data, which has significantly reduced the occurrence of errors in banking details and leave types, dates, and hours. Once the integration is up and running, it becomes an invaluable tool. I would highly recommend SyncEzy’s integration to any organisation looking to streamline their payroll operations and improve productivity.”

Joseph Lombardi, Shawmut Design and Construction


SyncEzy’s Procore to SharePoint integration has substantially enhanced document management processes at Shawmut Design and Construction. By providing instant synchronisation, ensuring security, and enabling cross-platform access, the integration has met and exceeded the company’s needs. This case study underscores the importance of robust integration solutions in maintaining operational efficiency and security in the construction industry.

For companies facing similar challenges, SyncEzy’s integration solutions offer a reliable and effective way to enhance document management and improve overall productivity.

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