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Job Management

Sync your simPRO Customers to Zoho CRM and make more sales!



Connect your apps so you can eliminate double-entry, speed up your CRM process of lodging STC Submissiions and ensure a streamlined experience for your admin staff with our Zoho to GreenBot integration.


File Management

We make file retrieval simple with smart file naming and storage in Google Sheets.



Use simPRO to do the heavy lifting and generate accurate Quotes, and use Zoho Desk to manage tickets in your business.

Do you need to connect Zoho CRM with another app that your business is using? Just ask and we can plan an integration with you.

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Mark Liversidge, Managing Director

“The Reinvention of simpro.”

Reece Hatton, Marketing Manager

“We could now see exactly what channels were driving value and how much revenue was generated.”

Paul Crawford, Director

“Working with Hari over the last 6 to 8 weeks in setting up workflows, triggers and automations, the results are truly quite mind-blowing.  It’s incredible the level of efficiency that Hari is showing us that we can achieve..”

Kelly Nicolson, Manager

“Enter it once in simPRO, build useful dashboards in PowerBI that measure what really matters, and review those dashboards as often as you like! Less time data crunching, more time analysing.”

Peter Cherry, Group General Manager

“We did extensive research for the best CRM to integrate with our SimPRO job management software before choosing Zoho CRM plus. A big part of our decision was the expertise and experience (and patience!) of Hari and his team at SyncEzy. They consistently work to add value to our investment in Zoho CRM and are very easy to work with..”

Hannah Lucas, Customer Support Manager

“Syncezy’s Integration eliminated the need for manual task setting, email sending, add client communication for Gardel Electrical.”

Carey Rudd, Business Development Manager

“I wish more software companies could be like them. Highly recommend.”

Lisa Paris, Operations Manager

“I have nothing but High praise for Hari, Penelope and the team at SyncEzy. They have been fantastic in supporting us. I wish more software companies could be like them. Highly recommend! 5 Star service.”

Brendan Hills, Manager

We are up to our last few set up sessions with Penelope which is working well. We have to say this system is epic & totally perfect for what we wanted.”

Here are some of our Award Winning Clients

Manage Customer Relationships and Sales easily in Zoho CRM and
integrate it with any application!


Take advantage of extensive features such as:

  • Advanced Sales Pipeline Management
  • Extensive communication records
  • Task and activity automation
  • Email marketing templates and workflows

See what SVHS (one of our Zoho integration clients) has to say:

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