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Are you leaving money on the table by not following up on Quotes?

SyncEzy will automate all your quote follow up, so your quotes doesn’t just fizzle out Follow up every single quote till you get a firm reply.

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Details Synced

Contacts Synced

Accounts Connected

Sync Contacts

Sync all the details in your contacts. Both ways between Infusionsoft and simPRO. Trigger Automation from simPRO to start campaigns in Infusionsoft.

Set up an automatic sync so you never have to update two systems again. Set it up once and it’s done forever.

Our Key Features


Keep every contact in Sync in simPRO and Zoho CRM, Add custom fields, categories and more.  Say Good bye to Duplicates and disjointed systems..

Accounts / Companies

Sync Organisations in both systems together, have every contact in every organisation in both systems fully integrated and synced across.


Quotes, Deals, Opportunities whatever your lingo, always have full visibility of your sales pipeline with both the systems connected together.

Use the Right tool for the Right JOB

Use simPRO to do the heavy lifting and Generate accurate Quotes, and use ZOHO to track these through the stages and follow them up with customers. Follow up every single opportunity to it’s logical closure, pick up more work and close on deals you have already quoted on. Grow your business the right way.

Contacts Sync

Sync Contacts from simPRO to ZOHO in their entirety with every little detail and custom field in the simPRO contact being brought over to ZOHO crm.  

This also includes actionable and categorizing details like Custom Fields, Customer Profile and Group information.

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Quotes Sync

Track every quote through the various stages in your sales pipeline. Improve your closure rate through better visibility and followup.  Always have a close eye on what the numbers say in your sales pipeline.

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