Key Features

Unified Customer Data Hub

Sync customer records seamlessly between Simpro and Salesforce, creating a central repository for client information, improving data accuracy, and enabling personalised communication.

Efficient Lead-to-Opportunity Conversion

Automate the transfer of qualified leads from Simpro to Salesforce, streamlining the sales process, and enhancing lead nurturing and conversion efforts.

Project and Job Management Integration

Link Simpro project details with Salesforce opportunities, allowing sales teams to access project status and history. Improve customer interactions with insight into ongoing work.

Service Request Handling

Route service requests from Salesforce to Simpro for efficient scheduling and resolution. Provide timely service, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reporting and Analytics Synergy

Combine data from both platforms to generate comprehensive reports on customer interactions, sales performance, and project profitability. Make data-driven decisions to drive business growth.

Discover why our customers trust our Simpro and Salesforce integration to securely run their business. Learn more on our case studies page.

Simpro and Salesforce: Streamline your business process.

Learn about how integrating Simpro, and Salesforce to streamline your business process to simplify your business workflows, to amplify your success.

Customer Challenges and Concerns

Many find it extremely challenging to effectively manage their sales pipeline, often leading to missed opportunities and inefficiencies in tracking progress.
The process of nurturing leads has become overly complicated and manual, requiring a significant amount of time and effort with inconsistent results.
Despite a high volume of quoting activity, the follow-up on these quotes is sporadic at best, leading to a significant gap in converting quotes to actual sales.
The absence of a structured process for following up on open quotes means potentially interested customers may not receive the attention they need to make a purchasing decision.
With a growing sales team, the lack of appropriate tools to manage and guide the team’s efforts can lead to disorganisation and lost leads.
There’s a critical need for more automation in customer touchpoints to streamline operations, alongside strategies to improve the conversion rate from quotes to confirmed jobs, addressing inefficiencies in current practices.

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We are one of the first Simpro integration partners and have been building Simpro integrations since 2016. We are proud to have over 20 integrations listed on the Simpro integrations page, supporting hundreds of customers. We securely connect numerous third-party products with Simpro, including QB Time, SharePoint, Zoho, Salesforce and Hubspot and more. We have a very close partnership with Simpro and participate in all their events and conferences. See you at a next Simprosium!
Salesforce is a leading cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that enables businesses to manage their sales, marketing, customer service, and other critical functions in one integrated system. It provides a set of tools and solutions designed to help organizations to build stronger customer relationships, drive growth, and optimize business processes.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Hari has been a great support throughout the entire process and was able to make any changes we requested. I would highly recommend the services SyncEzy provide, especially the Salesforce – simPRO Integration.

Daniel Churchman

Sales Representative, QMAX PUMPING
The implementation of SyncEzy at Gallant has been well worth-while. Infusionsoft has added that extra level of professionalism and has enhanced our customer service experience. The feedback from clients has been great and we have SyncEzy to thank for that!

Edward Clarke

Director, Gallant Plumbing

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For trade businesses utilising Simpro for managing operations, the importance of inputting accurate data cannot be overstated. Accurate data entry, especially regarding job costs—labour, overtime, variations, parts, and bill of


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Introduction In an industry where efficiency and safety are paramount, our collaboration with Simpro and SafetyCulture marks a pivotal moment. This alliance introduces a pioneering solution, designed to redefine how


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Frequently Asked Questions

100% bulletproof security with 256 Bit encryption, plus we do not store any client details on our servers.

Providing fixed pricing on integrations is difficult as different-sized companies have different requirements & support levels (i.e. a 5-person business vs a 500-person, multi-site company). Our team are specialists in tailoring implementation & support packages that make sense for a business of your size. Click the “Chat Now” button on the bottom right of this page to start the conversation.

  • Register a SyncEzy Account
  • Find the simPRO / Salesforce integration from the Integration library
  • Subscribe to the simPRO / Salesforce integration.
  • Authenticate simPRO
  • Authenticate Salesforce
  • Complete the configuration steps.

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