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Send your simPRO timesheets automatically to Xero Payroll for quick and easy payroll. No more Data Entry or mistakes in double-entry of data! 

Our Key Features

Sync all simPRO Timesheets with Xero Payroll

 Easy, automated and accurate payroll

No manual data entry or time wasted on exports and imports – just timesheets you can trust.

SyncEzy – Integrations you can Trust


100% bulletproof security with 256 Bit encryption, plus we don not store any client details on our servers.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our support and have the testimonials from customers to prove it. It is no wonder that most customers have stayed with us for more than 3 years!


We are constantly adding new features and updates to the sync and making the integration deeper and more useful to our clients. We are continously evolving based on what our customers tell us.

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