simPRO Encircle Integration

Connect your 2 most important business applications.  Use EncircleApp to speak to Insurance companies and manage the claim process and use simPRO to schedule jobs, manage technicians, Job details and more.


Sync Jobs from simPRO into Claims in Encircle

Automatically push all the details from the simPRO job into the Encircle Claim.

Save hours of wasted admin time in manually creating the claims and reentering data in both.

Set up an automatic sync so you never have to update two systems again.

Set it up once and it’s done forever.

Details Synced

Claims Created

DBs Connected

Our Key Features

Auto Sync

Set it and Forget it, with SyncEzy automatic time based sync runs every 15 minutes or run Instant Sync from Control panel.


100% bulletproof security with 256 Bit encryption, plus we do not store any client details on our servers.


Sync Jobs to claims down to the last little detail, Say Good bye to Duplicate Data entry in multiple systems

100% AccuraCY

Eliminate copy paste errors forever.  Get 100% accuracy in every little detail between both systems.


With 18 integrations under our belt we know the APIs inside out and can get you the results that you want, this integration has been proven with heavy use in floods and disaster situations. Save time and focus on your business while the automation frees up more time. Let us do the Syncing so you can take it Easy 🙂

Key Features


Sync all your jobs from simPRO to EncircleApp so you have 100% connectivity between both systems. Trigger an instant Push Manually or Automatically sync the databses every 15 minutes.


Integrate every last detail from your simPRO JOB into your Encricle Claim. Get customer, policy holder and contact’s details transferred over automatically.






With our unique field pairing technology, sync details from default fields or custom fields into the respective fields in Encircle.  Easily Customizable to suit your business.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our support and have the testimonials from customers to prove it, it is no wonder that most customers have stayed with us for more than 3 years.


We are constantly adding new features and updates to the sync and making the integration deeper and more useful to our clients.

Continously evolving.


A time tested proven integration, but don’t take our word for it, hear from our customers about this integration or test drive it yourself on our demo account.

Automatic or Dynamic Sync

Decide when you want to choose to “PUSH” a Claim into Encircle.

Have claims be created automatically or push them from simPRO into Encircle on demand.


EncircleApp Integration Partner

We were the first App developer to develop an integration with the Encircle APP and have a very good understanding of it’s API and with the great team behind it.

Check us out on the Encircle APP Partner platform.

Encircle APp Site

simPRO Addons Partner

We know the simPRO API inside out, We’ve been a simPRO integration partner for 4 years.

We are also a simPRO approved partner, we’ve worked with lots and lots of simPRO users to integrate their job management system with other business applications. Contact us today to check how we can help you.

simPRO Addon Partner

We’ve built tons of integrations.

Integrate simPRO with Encircle the easy way.

Contact us to see a demo or test the live system at your own pace.