Key Features

Bi-Directional File Sync

Seamlessly sync project documents between Procore and for real-time access and updates.

Two Way Sync of Procore Data

Automatically sync Procore Documents, Photos and folder structure into Box and make it easier to access and edit from anywhere from your local PC.

Easier Access via Windows Explorer

Save 11 clicks every time you access a single document for your project. For Project Managers that is thousands of clicks and time saved over the life of the project.

Use Powerful Desktop Software

Use Desktop versions of Word, Excel and Office 365, Save locally and auto sync to Procore Cloud.

Backup Everything to your Organisation’s Cloud

Extract Procore tools like Documents, Photos, RFIs, Submittals and more to your organisation’s Box account for Backup, redundancy and ISO Compliance

Work on BlueBeam files Locally

Easily work on BlueBeam files locally by accessing the files from your Windows explorer.

Single Source of Truth, Same data in both places.

Access your project files from Procore or Box and get the same Files and the same exact Folder structure in both places. Get the best of both worlds.

Discover why our customers trust our integrations to securely run their business. Learn more on our case studies page.

Procore and Box – Access fles from anywhere.

Facilitates bi-directional file sharing, real-time updates, version control, and enhances collaboration for efficient project workflows and data accessibility.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar ?

Field and Office staff have different local versions of documents ?
Do team members forget to Upload documents to Procore?
Unable to access Procore data Offline?
Saving Data locally to work with Bluebeam ?
Can’t access Procore data from Windows Explorer interface.
Can’t use Desktop versions of Excel and Word ?
It’s slow to access Procore Project Data ?
No Redundancy to Procore Data for ISO or Business Process?
Two Way Syncing of Documents and Photos between One Drive Folders and Procore

This Integration at a Glance



Average Sync speed



Million +

Files and Documents

procore partner
We’ve been an official integration partner with Procore since 2019. We were one of the earliest on their Marketplace and to date we have built four of their top 25 apps! We have multiple deep integrations into the various Procore tools and work closely with the Procore team. We are proud to be three of the top Twenty Five Apps on the Procore Marketplace.  Check SyncEzy out at the Procore Marketplace or perhaps we’ll see you at the next #Groundbreak.
A cloud-based file hosting service that offers file synchronisation, personal cloud, and client software. It enables users to store and share files and folders with others across the internet using file synchronisation.

What Our Customers Say About Us

I love this Syncezy Product..

Bryan Clarke

Managing Member, Bison Rail Systems
Syncezy took care of those problems with the sharepoint sync with procore, and then by Syncing the sharepoint folder to desktops for the office team, they were able to use the explorer interface to interact with the folder.

Nick Holt

Senior System Administrator, Holt Construction
It helped us to have a single version of the updated documents and reduce the storage space on the laptops of those involved.


Senior Project Engineer, Tabor Reimers
Simple setup, high-performance sync, and enhanced features make it a great replacement for Procore Sync.

Minki Kang

IT Administrator, Building Engineering

Top Case Studies

Connecting Procore to Box

Access your data anywhere you like via Box apps, the Box web app or your desktop.
Centralised data storage

Make Box your hub for all organisational data. Same Procore data available in Box.

Mimic File structures

Follows the same structure as you have in Procore (recreate the same folder structure in Box down to the last folder)

Quicker Searches

Makes all of your attachments, photos, drawings and plans searchable currently Documents, Photos, RFI’s and Submittals are synced.

Data Access

Field Team uses Procore and office team uses Box ? Now both can have access to the same data no matter how they access it.

Seamless Two-Way Sync

A full two way sync with complete version history in both applications, never lose anything.

Independent Access Control

Permissions / access control managed independently in both systems. We only Sync the data permissions / users are managed independently.

Trusted by Hundreds of companies worldwide.

Exploring In-Depth Knowledge

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More About Procore & Box

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Procore Marketplace

In February 2016, Procore launched its equivalent of the App Store or Extension marketplace, called the Procore App Marketplace with 20 Procore apps. As they describe, "The App Marketplace is


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Understanding Procore Photos

Part of your work in Procore is taking photos on your mobile phone or tablet and then needing to upload the file into Procore. In this article, we’ll look at


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