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Before implementing the Simpro to Zoho CRM integration, Ritz Plumbing & Electrical faced several operational challenges:

  • Manual Processes: The company relied on Simpro’s native capabilities, supplemented with numerous manual processes and workarounds to manage data outside of Simpro. This included extensive spreadsheet editing and manual uploads to various marketing platforms.
  • Rudimentary Customer Tracking: Without a dedicated CRM, Ritz Plumbing & Electrical had very basic customer tracking and communication capabilities, limiting their marketing and customer relationship management efforts.


As the company expanded, Ritz Plumbing & Electrical identified the need for a more robust CRM to:

  • Enhance marketing capabilities.
  • Improve customer tracking and communication.
  • Integrate seamlessly with their existing Simpro-based system to streamline operations and data management.


Ritz Plumbing & Electrical discovered SyncEzy while searching for Simpro-specific integrations. Upon evaluating various solutions, they frequently encountered mentions of SyncEzy as a premium Simpro partner. After reaching out to Garth at SyncEzy, they were impressed with the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of the SyncEzy solution and decided to implement Zoho CRM Plus across their business.


The implementation process included:

  1. Needs Analysis: Conducting a detailed analysis of the company’s technology stack to ensure full integration with Simpro.
  2. System Configuration: Setting up the integration between Simpro and Zoho CRM to ensure seamless data transfer.

Training and Support: Providing comprehensive training and ongoing support to maximize the benefits of the new system.


The integration delivered several significant benefits for Ritz Plumbing & Electrical:

  • Improved Marketing Insights: The integration allowed the company to analyze and generate insights from their marketing activities to both new and existing customers. This data, blended with job and quote information from Simpro, provided a clear view of the effectiveness of different marketing channels.
  • Enhanced ROI: With the ability to track revenue generated from various channels, the company could optimize their marketing budget to improve return on investment (ROI).
  • Streamlined Operations: The integration of automated data processes, reducing the need for manual entry and minimising errors.

Reece Hatton emphasised the impact, stating, “We could now see exactly what channels were driving value and how much revenue was generated.”

Client Testimonial

“The integration fulfilled everything we expected from it, and so much more. Penelope and the team understand both Simpro and Zoho very thoroughly and were more than happy to share this knowledge. They were an absolute pleasure to work with in getting everything up and running.”

Reece Hatton, Marketing Manager at Ritz Plumbing & Electrical


SyncEzy’s Simpro to Zoho CRM integration has significantly enhanced customer relationship management and marketing capabilities at Ritz Plumbing & Electrical. By providing detailed insights into marketing effectiveness and automating data processes, the integration has improved operational efficiency and optimised marketing efforts. This case study highlights the transformative impact of tailored integration solutions in driving business growth and efficiency.

For companies facing similar challenges, SyncEzy’s integration solutions offer a practical and effective way to enhance CRM capabilities and improve overall business operations.

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