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Help was always a phone call away

Brodie Maguire

Account Manager, Tri-State Electrical

We spoke to Brodie Maguire from Tri-State Electrical about his use of the simPRO to TSheets integration and how it has helped his company.

  • What were your processes before using the simPRO to TSheets integration?

    – We were using PDF-fillable forms that were submitted weekly.


  • What made you want to change?

    – We wanted to streamline our payroll processing & make it easier for field staff to log their daily clock-ins & clock-outs.

  • How have you found working with SyncEzy?

    – Good! The system was fluent and easy to use. Help was always a phone call away.

  • What were the big wins when you were using the integration?

    – Faster times in getting data into simPRO and seamless calculations of penalty rates.

  • Lastly, if you were describing the integration and its value when chatting to a friend, how would you describe it?

    – Any easy way to capture time worked across different sites with a unified push to simPRO Schedule.


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