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Orbitz Elevators

SyncEzy is saving at least one and a half days of work for one of the admin girls, and then it’s saving two full days of data entry of 30 staff into simPRO. Not only that but attending phone calls, answering of queries and discrepancies during the manual data entry has been completely removed. Our Payroll Office find it quicker and easier as well

Debbie Wentworth

Business Manager , Orbitz Elevators

simPRO to TSheets integration

Orbitz Elevators is a multi-award winning Queensland company that was founded in 2014 and grown rapidly since. They specialise in elevator installation, modernisation, repairs & maintenance and servicing across Australia and Papua New Guinea, and they have doubled their staff in the last 12 months.

We spoke with Debbie Wentworth, the Business Manager at Orbitz Elevators, about their business and their use of simPRO as a management tool. Orbitz have been using simPRO multi-company for approximately a year since branching out into multiple states with Australia and also into PNG, and have found it an invaluable means of managing their operations. With their rapid growth, however, they found that their biggest point of pain was timesheets, which were being done manually, and taking days of data entry into simPRO and Xero. They discovered SyncEzy at the Brisbane simPRO Roadshow and Hari introduced them to Tsheets and the SyncEzy simPRO-Tsheets Integration.

The transition was smooth, according to Debbie, with only a minor amendment to the integration to manage Multi-company simPRO. She said that Hari was really helpful on online forums and chats to make the transition as smooth as possibly could internally, fielding far more questions than he should have.

We asked Debbie if she could quantify the time that they were saving using TSheets and SyncEy, and she said:

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