simPRO Encircle App Integration

Use the right tool for the right JOB?

You wouldn’t use a hammer to push a screw in through the wall,

so why use the wrong tool to manage your jobs.

simPRO is great at Job Management Scheduling & costing

Encircle is great at managing claims.


Use the right tool for the right job to give your business the edge.



Claims Synced

Details Synced

Accounts Connected

Transfer details from simPRO to Encircle

Create simPRO jobs with all the details and selectively synchronise fields from simPRO to Encircle.

Push all the data needed including any Custom Fields, customer data and cost data.

Start Managing your claim with all the data you need at your fingertips

Automatically CREATE Encircle Claims


The Sync runs automatically every day every minute looking for updates to the system, set it up once and you never have to disjointed systems..


A secure integration with 128 bit military grade encryption, we only store sync settings on our server.

Jobs = Claims

Create claims automatically every time you have a simPRO JOB created. Transfer every little detail into your claims.

Use the Right tool for the Right JOB

Use simPRO to do the heavy lifting and Generate accurate Quotes, Jobs, and use Encircle to track these through the claim proces.  Integrate your disjointed systems and save admin processing time and avoid errors with a 100% accurate sync that is fatigue free, repeatable, reliable and  grow your business the right way.

Sync your apps, the Ezy way.