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Procore to Dropbox by SyncEzy

The Challenge

Before adopting the Procore to Dropbox integration by SyncEzy, JDL Construction managed their project data using BuilderTrend and Dropbox, but these systems were not interconnected. This disjointed setup led to inefficiencies and potential data inconsistencies.

The main challenges were:

  1. Data entry duplication and the need for copy/paste operations.
  2. Inconsistent and outdated information across platforms.
  3. Difficulty in ensuring all stakeholders had access to the latest project data.
  4. Time-consuming administrative tasks reducing overall efficiency.


JDL Construction aimed to streamline their data management processes to improve efficiency and ensure information consistency. Their specific objectives were:

  1. To integrate BuilderTrend with Dropbox to avoid data duplication.
  2. To provide easy access to up-to-date information for all stakeholders.
  3. To enhance organizational efficiency by reducing administrative workload.
  4. To maintain consistency and accuracy of project data across platforms.


After a demo with the SyncEzy sales team, JDL Construction decided to implement the Procore to Dropbox integration. This solution was selected for its ability to seamlessly synchronize data between Procore and Dropbox, ensuring that information is always current and easily accessible.


The implementation process included:

  1. Demonstration: Participating in a SyncEzy demo to understand the integration’s capabilities.
  2. Customization: Configuring the integration to fit JDL Construction’s specific data management needs.
  3. Deployment: Implementing the integration across JDL Construction’s project management systems.
  4. Training: Providing training to the team to ensure they could effectively use the new integrated system.


Since implementing SyncEzy’s Procore to Dropbox integration, JDL Construction has experienced several significant benefits:

  1. Single Data Entry: Items need to be saved only once, with data automatically synchronized between Procore and Dropbox.
  2. Current Information: Ensured that all stakeholders always have access to the most up-to-date information.
  3. Efficiency Gains: Reduced administrative tasks and data entry duplication, freeing up time for more strategic activities.
  4. Improved Access: Simplified the process for stakeholders to access necessary files through either Dropbox or Procore.

Kieran Lewis, Director at JDL Construction, emphasized the major advantage: “The biggest win was only needing to save items once and then having everyone access the file/s through either Dropbox or Procore…and it is always current information.”


The integration of Procore with Dropbox via SyncEzy has significantly streamlined JDL Construction’s data management processes. By reducing the need for duplicate data entry and ensuring the consistency of project information, the integration has enhanced overall efficiency and improved access for all stakeholders. Kieran Lewis describes the integration as highly effective, underscoring its value in maintaining up-to-date information and simplifying administrative tasks. The success of this integration highlights the benefits of adopting SyncEzy solutions for improved project management and organizational efficiency.

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