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Before implementing the Simpro to TSheets integration, Tri-State Electrical faced several operational challenges in their payroll processing:

  • Manual Data Entry: The company relied on PDF-fillable forms that were submitted weekly by field staff. This process was time-consuming and prone to errors.
  • Inefficient Clock-In/Clock-Out Logging: Field staff found it cumbersome to log their daily clock-ins and clock-outs using the existing system.


Tri-State Electrical sought to:

  • Streamline payroll processing to improve efficiency.
  • Simplify the process for field staff to log their work hours.
  • Ensure accurate and timely calculation of penalty rates.


Tri-State Electrical implemented SyncEzy’s Simpro to TSheets integration to address these challenges. This integration facilitated the automatic transfer of time-tracking data from TSheets to Simpro, enhancing the overall efficiency of payroll processing.


The implementation process involved:

  1. Integration Setup: Configuring the Simpro to TSheets integration to ensure seamless data transfer.
  2. Training: Providing training to field staff and administrative personnel to effectively use the new system.
  3. Support: Ongoing support from SyncEzy to address any issues and ensure smooth operation.


The integration delivered several significant benefits for Tri-State Electrical:

  • Faster Data Processing: The integration enabled quicker data transfer into Simpro, reducing delays in payroll processing.
  • Accurate Penalty Calculations: Seamless calculations of penalty rates ensured accurate payrolls.
  • Ease of Use: The system was user-friendly, making it easy for field staff to log their hours. Brodie Maguire noted, “The system was fluent and easy to use. Help was always a phone call away.”

Client Testimonial

Brodie Maguire praised the integration, describing it as “an easy way to capture time worked across different sites with a unified push to Simpro Schedule.”


The Simpro to TSheets integration provided by SyncEzy has significantly improved payroll processing at Tri-State Electrical. By automating time-tracking and ensuring accurate calculations, the integration has streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency. This case study illustrates the substantial impact that targeted integration solutions can have on operational efficiency in the electrical contracting industry.

For companies facing similar challenges, Our integration solutions offer a practical and effective way to enhance operational processes and improve overall efficiency.

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