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Hari Iyer | SyncEzy

Hari Iyer | SyncEzy

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At SyncEzy, we make it a point to attend a few key events each year. These trade shows and conferences are often our only opportunities to meet customers face-to-face, and we take full advantage of them. We are proud to say that at any given event, we typically outperform our neighbouring booths by at least 3x to 5x in productive conversations, leads generated and meeting tips. Here are some of our key strategies for maximising the return on this investment, along with a few tips on how we reduce costs.

Booth Size and Cost Management

One of the first lessons we’ve learned is that you don’t need an extra-large, expensive booth to make a big impact. We’ve found that a standard 3m x 3m booth can be just as effective. The money saved on booth costs is better spent on high-quality giveaways and promotions to attract more visitors. Investing in eye-catching giveaways can make a significant difference.

Invest in Good Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to draw people to your booth. We’ve had success with items like weighing scales, which are not only popular but also light to carry and useful for attendees who have travelled long distances. The key is to choose items with long-term value for recipients.

Qualify Quickly and Engage Effectively

Efficiency is crucial. Qualify potential leads quickly and focus on productive conversations. Ensure that each team member engages with different visitors to maximise coverage. Avoid having multiple team members talk to the same person. Always be attentive, avoid using your phone or laptop at the booth, and make eye contact with passersby. A smile and an easy opening question can go a long way. Start with questions that are likely to get a “yes” response to build rapport.

Streamline Lead Processing

Be efficient in how you process leads. Use voice typing to make notes on the lead scanning app and have predefined categories and qualifying questions ready. This reduces time spent on data entry and ensures you don’t miss important details. Having a category for “Consultants” can also help, as you’re likely to encounter many at any show.

Keep Booth Design Simple

A simple booth design can be more effective and cost-efficient. Avoid spending extra on seamless printing; opt for reusable vinyl or fabric wall prints. Be mindful of the weight of the materials if you need to travel by plane.

Embrace Digital Business Cards

In 2024, most people don’t carry business cards, especially in construction and similar industries. Make use of QR codes and online forms for lead capture. 

Create Engaging Activities

Having something unique to attract crowds can make your booth stand out. We’ve used games like ring toss, target shooting with toy guns, and darts (non-sharp) to engage visitors. These activities make your booth more lively and inviting.

The Unexpected Crowd Magnet: Maya the Dog

One of our most successful experiments was bringing our colleague’s dog, Maya, to an event. Due to a power failure at the hotel, we had Maya with us at the booth, and she turned out to be a huge crowd magnet. People lined up to pet her, giving us more opportunities to have conversations and scan badges. It was such a hit that attendees came back on the second day just to see Maya again.

Be Persistent and Creative

We are not above using fun tricks to hold interest. For example, one of our team members juggled at the booth, drawing attention and sparking conversations.

Be Proactive: Approach People Beyond the Booth

Don’t limit your engagement to just those who come to your booth. Go out and approach people in the hallways and even a bit further away. If you’re not being rejected about 50% of the time, you’re not trying hard enough. Be outspoken, initiate conversations, and invite people to your booth. Don’t wait for them to come to you.

Don’t Waste Giveaways

Finally, one of my pet peeves is seeing other companies waste money on giveaways that are left behind. It’s not uncommon for staff from larger companies to leave early on the last day or not show up on Day 2, leaving their giveaways behind. We never let this happen. We ensure that any leftover items are given to conference attendees. We call this “exit scans,” where we scan attendees’ badges without lengthy conversations. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than leaving items to be wasted.

By following these tips, you can maximise your return on investment at trade shows and events. Not only will you engage more effectively with potential customers, but you’ll also manage costs more efficiently. Happy exhibiting!


Hari Iyer | SyncEzy
Hari Iyer | SyncEzy

Hari Iyer is the Founder and CEO of SyncEzy, a pioneering company at the forefront of data integration and automation solutions. With a deep understanding of the power of technology and a passion for solving complex business challenges, Hari has emerged as a visionary leader in the industry. His relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to delivering tangible results have earned SyncEzy a loyal global clientele.

He is not only a successful entrepreneur but also an active contributor to the technology community, sharing his insights through thought leadership articles, speaking engagements, and mentorship programs. Hari’s ability to navigate the complexities of remote work serves as an inspiration for leaders, highlighting the importance of flexibility, work-life balance, and a results-oriented approach in today’s evolving work landscape.

Under his guidance, SyncEzy has gained widespread recognition for its deep integration solutions that seamlessly connect software applications, eliminate data silos, and enhance operational efficiency.

When not working, Hari is trying to be a better father, reading tech news, playing FPS games, and not exercising as he should.