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Reader Questions: We’ve had several reader questions about getting analytics from simPRO into other data warehouse and dashboard tools. Questions have included:

Q1 “I’d like to keep get analytics on the timesheets that are being synced with simPRO so I can better manage resource allocation across our team”

Q2 “I am enquiring as to whether you could assist us in setting up a data link between our SimPRO database and Google Studio. Ultimately we are looking to create reports and dashboards via Google Studio with a database that is updated in more realtime than what we are getting in bi reporting. We understand there is currently an integration with PowerBI but would prefer to use Data Studio as we are currently operating in Google Workspace for all other aspects of our business.”

Q3 “I am wanting to create a live visual dashboard using reports from simPRO, I am wanting to show a live snapshot of revenue, labour costs, material costs, profit/loss details and costs vs invoiced.”

Q4 “I’d love to be able to connect simPRO to Quickbooks Time and then have the data synced to Power BI for our monthly reporting needs.”

SyncEzy Answer: Thanks for your questions about connecting simPRO to your other data sources. In answering Q1 & Q4, you can connect simPRO to Quickbooks Time (formerly TSheets) and have the data on worker’s timesheets transferred to Power BI for you to run reports. We’d recommend that you look at our simPRO to Power BI integration and our simPRO to Quickbooks Time integration to meet your needs in this area.

For users with more detailed or complex simPRO analytics needs (Q2 & Q3), we’d recommend that you use the simPRO to Power BI integration where you are using Power BI as the data warehouse for your simPRO data. This data can then be accessed by tools like Zoho Analytics, Tableau, Google Data Studio and others to create reports, build data dashboards and get up-to-date analytics.

If your business is looking for a simPRO analytics solution and want to ensure you have your finger-on-the-pulse of your business operations, speak to one of our integration specialists today to discuss your business needs.


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