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We’re building an integration from simPRO to all the major cloud storage providers.

The idea is to be able to extract all of the job attachments that exist currently in simPRO Jobs and quotes and make them available for the Team Offline in your shared folders in your favourite cloud storage solution provider.

The advantages being

  • Files Available offline on multiple devices
  • Easier to search / filter through
  • Full windows / Mac Folder functionality on job Attachments.
  • Photos from the Field Automatically get saved to Folders
  • Access simPRO data outside the simpro world.
  • Easier to email attachments and Share with Clients.
  • Collaborate on files in Dropbox

Once again this might not be for everyone and if you’re happy with keeping the attachments just in simPRO. That’s fine.

This integration is specifically for companies and teams that heavily use any cloud storage system outside of simPRO. Aka DropBox, Google drive or OneDrive.

If you are somebody who uses external cloud storage systems we want to hear from you, and as a thank you for 3 minutes of your time for filling out this survey, we will give you founders benefits should you choose to sign up when these integrations go live to everyone.
(Founder Benefits = Lifetime Discounts on the integration, Double the normal trial period, Extended allowances)

To take the survey click the button or image below, Thanks again for your time.


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