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Just in time for the holiday season we have a latest update that is bound to make the lives of our QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets) customers easier. With our latest update, your staff can now apply for leave in QuickBooks Time  and, when the leave is approved, the leave will automatically show up in simPRO Schedule (blocking out the days for the employee). Team members can now apply for leave using the QBTime mobile app and any of their holidays / leave / PTO can then go through the seamless digital approval process in QBTime.

A major benefit of this update is that you will never have to re-enter leave again and you can ditch those paper leave applications forever!

Leave & Time Off from QBTime to simPRO

Current users: If you currently use our simPRO – QBTime integration, ensure the Leaves (PTOs) are paired with the right activities and you’re set.

If you’re looking to save time in data entry, phone calls / text messages back & forth and double-handling, get in touch with a member of our support team to discuss how the simPRO QBTime integration will reduce headaches in your business.


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