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Do your staff complain about needing to enter customer data from simPRO into iAuditor? Wouldn’t it be easier if customer information from simPRO could be used to automatically pre-populate part of your audit off-site, ready for your staff or contractors to finish on-site?

With SyncEzy’s new simPRO to iAuditor integration, you’ll see time savings and a reducing in data entry errors from day 1.

The way the integration works is:

  • simPRO standard fields are used to pre-populate a new iAuditor inspection audit template
  • your staff or contractors see the template on their mobile devices and complete the audit on-site
  • when the audit is complete, a PDF is produced and automatically re-uploaded to simPRO and attached to the right job

Compare this to how some teams work:

  • staff or contractors view their jobs in simPRO on their mobile devices
  • they copy/paste/re-type this information across into a new iAuditor template
  • they complete the audit and send themselves a copy of the audit pdf
  • they forward the email to their admin team
  • their admin team receives the email, downloads the pdf then finds the job in simPRO to re-upload to the correct job

If you’re tired of emails, downloads/uploads, data entry mistakes, copying & pasting and having audits missed, get in touch with a member of our sales team to discuss how integrating simPRO with iAuditor will streamline your business.



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