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Procore File Sharing

For many of our Procore users, they need to ensure that site uploads can be accessed securely by the right members of their teams, contractors and clients. For some who use tools like Dropbox, they can use our Procore to Dropbox integration to set up granular permissions to share their work files. For Procore GSuite users, they can use our Procore to Google Drive integration to give access to specific job files and folders.

If you’re using the Microsoft suite of products and wanting to have some of your internal teams accessing your Procore uploaded files and folders then our Procore to SharePoint integration will be the perfect solution. When your team uploads Documents and Photos to their current Procore job, a copy of that file will be synced across to Microsoft SharePoint so your team can view & comment on the file within your team intranet. This saves your team needing to download & upload files, email files to themselves, SMS photos to your team etc and will ensure you keep all job documentation in a central, secure area within SharePoint.

If allowing your team to easily access Procore files will bring you better clarity, cut down on chasing up attachment and bring some automation then get in touch with our sales team about setting up this powerful integration.


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