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Live sync

Have your work files at your fingertips with
Procore & SharePoint working together.

For high-performance teams, the friction in their process comes when they get tired of needing to download Procore documents and images to their phones and then upload into the Microsoft Teams channel where their team is collaborating. Wouldn’t it be easier if your team could select the files they need to discuss while they’re in the Microsoft Teams app?

With our latest integration, connecting Procore to Microsoft Teams, construction teams can access Procore Photos and Documents within Microsoft Teams, enabling them to discuss site documentation, audits and images easily.

Connect Procore to enable a two-way sync of your important documents, using the SyncEzy Procore SharePoint integration. Our integration will send job & quote document uploads to SharePoint folders that are named as per your Procore folders. Use this integration as a backup solution, to share information with non-Procore users and to access job files from anywhere.

This integration currently syncs Documents and Photos and is planned to sync RFIs, Drawings & Specifications.

Our Key Features


Make Sharepoint your hub for all org. data. Same Procore data available in Sharepoint.

Makes it easier to extract your data out of Procore. Each job gets a folder (if it has an attachment).

Follows the same structure as you have in Procore (recreate the same folder structure in SharePoint)


Makes all of your attachments, photos, drawings and plans searchable (currently Documents & Photos are synced. Syncing of RFIs, drawings and specifications will be available shortly)

Share data with your team and with those who are not Procore users
Make it easier to access the data on multiple computers/ offline/ online
Use your SharePoint storage as a part of your Office 365 subscription
Exclude / include jobs you don’t need from the sync, to manage storage capacity

SyncEzy – Integrations you can Trust



100% bulletproof security with 256 Bit encryption, plus we do not store any client details on our servers.



We pride ourselves on the quality of our support and have the testimonials from customers to prove it. It is no wonder that most customers have stayed with us for more than 3 years!



We are constantly adding new features and updates to the sync and making the integration deeper and more useful to our clients. We are continously evolving based on what our customers tell us.

Custom Integrations. Custom Pricing.

We operate on a custom pricing model to offer you rates that are tailored to your use of the system. Rest assured, we are committed to providing you the best value.

Check out our Testimonials below from customers just like you.

Get in touch with us for tailored integrations and further information around pricing.

Sam Bevis


Aluminium Balustrades (North Coast)

“If you manage large projects with a complex workflow and require communication across a large team, ASANA is the best solution for you.​  It has simple interface, is easy to train and adopt, is cost-effective, with very complex abilities such as custom fields tags and multiple project assignment. Integrated to simPRO with SyncEzy, it is the perfect extension to an already brilliant system.”

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