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Recently there has been a lot of chatter around simPRO’s new terms and conditions and specifically some terms around data protection and deletion of data / limited liability around the same.

As a founder of another software co, I’d say this is a fairly standard statement hidden in every SAAS (Software as a service) EULA (end user licensing agreement) Limitation of Liability. I am sure we have it in ours too. Just a statement put there by lawyers to limit liability.

End User Licence Agreement

If you are too concerned about this or if you are required by ISO certification or other procedures to have a backup of your system there are a few options for you:

  1. Free: Extract CSV Exports of Customers / Sites and other modules as needed. Just have a process to have someone in the company do this at the end of the month every month. Be careful of the risk of having this data exposed as often it can contain PII data. Customer address, Email, maybe DOB and other things. Store the CSVs safely and you should be OK. These are also flexible and will let you import them into any future system you want to bring them into.  Here’s where you can do that in simPRO: 

Utilities : Export

simPRO Export options

Paid: simPRO PowerBI integration

simPRO PowerBI integration extracts 100% of all the data you enter into simPRO (the attachments). Updates daily, but you need to have an analyst or have someone else build a report for you to be able to make sense of it. Click here to know more.

simPRO PowerBI integration Screenshot

simPRO PowerBI integration Screenshot


Paid: simPRO CRM Integrations

simPRO HubSpot integration 

CRM and other integrations , We have a few that take simPRO data into other apps like Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot etc. Often these will only make financial sense if you are looking for more of the CRM and sales / marketing functionality.

simPRO Hubspot Integration screenshot

simPRO Hubspot Integration screenshot

simPRO Attachments Backup: If you are concerned about and want to Backup the attachments you have in simPRO to a secure secondary location, just for if simPRO goes down or if required by business procedures. We have an automated Attachment extraction service that takes simPRO attachments from Jobs / Quotes / Sites and puts that into your OneDrive / GoogleDrive or Dropbox / SharePoint as needed.

To know more go to 

simPRO Dropbox integration

simPRO Google Drive Integration

simPRO SharePoint integration

simPRO Zoho Integration

simPRO OneDrive Integration



simPRO Attachments backup to OneDrive GoogleDrive Dropbox

simPRO Attachments backup to OneDrive GoogleDrive Dropbox



Never lose your data again, start using our backup options today.

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