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What is Procore?

Procore is the world’s leading cloud-based construction management software. Over 600,000 people at more than 6,300 companies worldwide use Procore’s solutions to manage their projects and deliver quality results. It provides construction companies with a single system of record for project data, and automates the workflows used by owners, contractors and subcontractors to manage a modern construction business

Working on large-scale industrial projects usually involves multiple stakeholders; including consultants, architects, engineers (AE), contractors, subcontractors, owner’s representatives and more. Each party involved in the project has to be kept in the loop to ensure that everyone is working on the same page at all times. Procore can connect with other applications you use in your daily workflow using integrations created by people who are passionate about building the Procore community (Procore developers and integrators).



About the Procore App Marketplace (App Store)

The Procore app marketplace is a central repository for finding and downloading apps that work seamlessly with the Procore platform and helps users deliver best-in-class client projects.

Procore’s App Marketplace, offers built-in project management solutions to help construction firms be more productive and earn higher profits. The marketplace features mobile apps (iOS/Android) created by some of the industry’s leading developers that are designed for specific business needs.

“Having built a project management platform for over 20,000 users across the country and abroad, we’re now providing our users with the next level of tools that will help them excel in their development,” said Procore CEO Mark Pimentel. “Our App Marketplace is another example of how committed we are to solving real business challenges.”

As proven by an independent study conducted by Griffith University (Australia), project management tools and mobile apps improve productivity by up to 20 percent. Procore’s App Marketplace features apps that are designed for the following processes: contract document management, field communications, estimating, job costing, subcontractor management, safety data collection and safety inspection scheduling among others. Users are guaranteed that the tools they choose will integrate seamlessly with their existing Procore account, and can expect a faster adoption rate since these apps have been vetted by thousands of users who are already familiar with them.


Procore Marketplace Categories

Procore offers third-party integrations in 25 core categories.


  1. Accounting
  2. Analytics
  3. Asset & Facilities Management
  4. BIM
  5. Bidding
  6. CRM
  7. Commissioning
  8. Devices
  9. Document Management
  10. Drones
  11. Estimating & Takeoff
  12. Field Communications
  13. Field Productivity
  14. IT
  15. Legal & Compliance
  16. Portfolio Management
  17. Procurement & Materials Management
  18. Progress Documentation
  19. Quality & Safety
  20. Resource Management
  21. Risk Management
  22. Scheduling
  23. Site Cameras
  24. Tool/Equipment Tracking
  25. Weather


Popular Procore Marketplace Integrations

With hundreds of Procore apps and integrations, how do you choose the ones that will deliver the highest ROI for your business? Building on the core Procore app features of tender management, project management, quality & safety, design coordination, BIM, field productivity, equipment management, project financials and invoice management, we look at the apps that will streamline your workflow and team performance.

Procore Time Tracking – if you want to keep on top of your project costs, using a timesheet app synced to Procore ensures you’re less likely to go over budget. Using the a timesheet integration, you can easily log time spent against projects.

Procore Accounting – connect your accounting and project management within Procore so that you don’t have to do extra data entry ever again and you can give people in the field access to accurate job costing information. Give staff one-click access so they can get the data they need from QuickBooks, using a connector.

Procore Document Management – enable your cloud storage provider (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or SharePoint) to sync with Procore and save yourself hours of transferring data and keeping it up to date. Work offline, on multiple computers and use collaborative editing. You’ll also retain full version control in your cloud storage with auto backup.


What Procore apps and integrations should I use?

The main aim of using top Procore integrations is to cut down on data entry and streamline your office. If you’re still not sure what Procore integration best suits your construction needs, get in touch with one of our Procore integration specialists to discuss your options.


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