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Hari Iyer | SyncEzy

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Why Partner with SyncEzy

If you are a platform or a B2B app, Here’s why you should partner with SyncEzy?

TLDR: Why ? Low Churn, Happy Customers and more powerful integrations for your customers.  Your App is unique in the way it manages data

Let’s face it, you can’t build everything your customers want. Your application brings something unique to the table, if not everyone would simply use excel and email. If your application solves  a customer’s problem in any deep and meaningful way, chances are that it needs to play nice with other apps that the customer uses.

Where we come in is to help your customers work with other apps that they use in their business or with other suppliers / partners they need to work with.

Your customers need deep integrations

If all you want is to manage webhooks or transfer contacts from one system to another, try zapier, integromat  or countless other ‘iPaas Platforms’  What we do is to build an integration that is custom built for how your app operates and how your data structure is built.  Something that is deeper than simply taking form data or a contact record and adding that in another application.

In many cases Zapier doesn’t cut it

Yes we’ve heard it before, connect to a 1000 Apps at once and connect to 5000 Apps at once, the reality though is that your customers don’t want your app to connect to a 1000 or 5000 apps, they want it working really well with the 2 or 3 apps that they actually use. Most of your clients couldn’t care less about the 997 of the other apps.  While 1000s of apps is great for bragging rights the practical utility is quite limited.

You build your app, we build the integrations

Invest your development resources in building your app and strengthening your API, while we do all our integration builds. Zapier don’t build the integrations, they reply on you to bring everything to the table, development resources, changes to your api and your customers.

Better reliability of API

As a small niche integration company, we treat every integration as our baby and lovingly care and maintain these through API changes on both applications.  Your app does not become orphaned due to lack of attention at the cost of connections to a 1000 apps, we deepen the integrations on customer requests and add more functionality overtime.  All this at no cost to you.

Fix it once, fixed for all

Unlike Zapier and other iPaas / Webhook platforms where each customer is responsible for his own integration, the logic and maintenance of the same, errors in each customer’s integration have to be fixed individually by every customer.  When your API / Field names / API names or any other detail changes, we fix the integration and it’s fixed for everyone all at once.

Better reliability and customization for your customers

Because we’re not just limited by what’s exposed to webhooks, we can build custom workflows where we can call for and request additional data to add functions.

For example Instead of just transferring a contact over from one system to another, we can send a contact, a company, all related sites, all quotes, jobs, assets and more while keeping the relationships between the items intact, and supporting a two way sync of data.

Custom-built for how you do things

We can work with the idiosyncrasies of your API, a simplest example, might be is there any part of your API that returns IDs instead of actual data requiring further lookups to piece together the entire picture.  Something simple like that, while easy enough to explain, is impossible to do in a lot of iPaas platforms, whereas when we build the direct links we take care of all these.

For example, What if you validate email addresses and phone numbers and the other application doesn’t.  What about structured data in address fields and Lat/ Longs.  No two applications are alike and the differences multiply in how they handle data in their fields etc. The differences stem from their background, origin story, the purpose of the app, how the features were added and so on. 

We take care of all of that with the purpose built point to point integrations.

Deep integrations that automate the entire workflow and are built around business processes

Your customers need an integration that can integrate the applications keeping in mind how your unique application and how your api works. Since our integrations are built point to point between the two apps we can do this better, if you don’t consider these uniqueness you’re setting yourselves up for failure and frustration.

A Partner you can trust

You need a partner who will work with you to the best of mutual interest, not help move your users to competitors. Deep locked-in Integrations that harness the depth of function in your app reduce churn. If the same Zap can be connected to your competitors and it works exactly the same way, where’s the lockin and reducing churn advantage for you with the iPaas systems?

Lower Costs for your clients

Zapier and other iPass platforms charge per webhook or task, often meaning that clients can be on the hook for thousands of dollars for something fairly standard one way webhook processing.  If your clients are in your app all day and constantly working and updating records, each of these updated records triggering webhooks can burn a big hole in their pockets.

Unlike other iPaas systems, we never charge per webhook, going on for transparent reliable account based pricing which gives your clients the certainty they deserve.  

Considering the low costs of AWS and computational webhook processing, it’s almost highway robbery that the iPaas platforms can get away with charging per webhook update.

Connect to strategically important platforms

Working with an integration partner like us allows you to connect into strategically important platforms and can be an ideal fit as .

For example a deep integration like the Procore to Dropbox two way sync would not be possible without a custom integration like SyncEzy.

Control over the Apps you want users to connect into

There may be very good strategic reasons for you to not integrate into certain platforms, competitors, or other apps of disrepute to protect end user or privacy data. Connecting to a platform like Zapier you lose control over which apps you want to connect into.

If Zapier is the main way customers input data into your system, remember they are just one Zap away from connecting into your competitor.

Access to Platforms and systems that you may not have otherwise

Many of the platforms that we work with for example PropertyMe work exclusively with us and have preferred agreements with in order to simplify the building of integrations into the systems.


Hari Iyer | SyncEzy
Hari Iyer | SyncEzy

Hari Iyer is the Founder and CEO of SyncEzy, a pioneering company at the forefront of data integration and automation solutions. With a deep understanding of the power of technology and a passion for solving complex business challenges, Hari has emerged as a visionary leader in the industry. His relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to delivering tangible results have earned SyncEzy a loyal global clientele.

He is not only a successful entrepreneur but also an active contributor to the technology community, sharing his insights through thought leadership articles, speaking engagements, and mentorship programs. Hari’s ability to navigate the complexities of remote work serves as an inspiration for leaders, highlighting the importance of flexibility, work-life balance, and a results-oriented approach in today’s evolving work landscape.

Under his guidance, SyncEzy has gained widespread recognition for its deep integration solutions that seamlessly connect software applications, eliminate data silos, and enhance operational efficiency.

When not working, Hari is trying to be a better father, reading tech news, playing FPS games, and not exercising as he should.