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Assign/Unassign Jobs versus Archive/Unarchive Jobs in TSheets



Our simPRO TSheets integration gives you some fairly advanced job management functions in TSheets.  We also have introduced bulk functions that don’t even exist in TSheets, so that your life is just a little bit easier.

Understanding TSheets Job stages

Assigned to All

This status is represented in the TSheets jobs interface by a tick mark against the job, or a blue colour highlight.  When you hover over the job it the tool tip says “Assigned to all”.  A job needs to be assigned to employees in order for them to be able to clock on to it.


This can be a job that’s automatically or manually Unassigned. Unassigned jobs are only visible to Admins and those with the “Manage Jobs Permission.”

By default, all Jobs added to TSheets from simPRO through the SyncEzy interface are assigned to all employees.  Changes to assignment need to be done on a per job basis. This is why we created the Assign/Unassign function in the SyncEasy portal, as explained in the video below. 

Archived Jobs

Once a job is no longer required in TSheets it can be Archived from simPRO or from the SyncEzy Portal.  Archived jobs are not visible in TSheets and can only be restored from SyncEzy or from simPRO.

Unarchiving Jobs

This is a function in SyncEzy which allows you to Restore Archived jobs back into TSheets.

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