Over the past couple of months here at SyncEzy we have been incrementally upgrading our customers to the newest version of our simPRO TSheets integration.  This version – v3.0 – comes with some new features, that I will outline here today.

Notes Integration

Before v3.0, TSheets notes were purely for communication between the field and the office – so Techs could let the admin staff know something important and the admin staff could make a note (manually) in simPRO if and when required.

Now, any notes made against timesheets in the field will be automatically recorded in simPRO along with the timesheets.

Note against timesheet in TSheets

Note in schedule in simPRO

Attachments/Photos Integration

Similar to notes, TSheets attachments/photos were also only communicable to TSheets Admin Users and would need to uploaded manually to simPRO if and when required.

Now, any attachments or photos added to timesheets in the field are also automatically sent to simPRO.

Photo attachment against timesheet in TSheets

Photo from TSheets in Job Attachments in simPRO

We are always evolving our integrations to meet the requirements of our customer, and more new features are in the pipeline!  Each integration upgrade will add additional functionality, and if you have suggestions, please ask us! Our ears are open to ideas and we will do what we can to make them a reality!

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